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    in the land of the jam butty mines
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    all forms of hunting mainly ferretting.coursing
  1. London Terrorised

    HA ha Superb
  2. Hi-Fly

    what im confused with is martin mere had the virus and were ok to stay open to visitors from all over the country .
  3. Video Of Some Urban Ratting

    keep up the good work lads
  4. Some Knives My Mate Makes

    hi Rob i maybe after another knife can you get me a good price mate
  5. Bye Bye Freak

    top hat patch over his eye and his misses Dressed the same R I P
  6. Barf Supplier Manchester/nw?

    RawFeedingLancs there on face ache not sure what they are like though
  7. Fenn Traps

    fourteen acre john is on this forum
  8. Fell And Moorland To The Rescue Again

    on northwest news now fair play to those Lads
  9. Jacks Game Videos

    go on you tube mate
  10. Tail Docking Liverpool

    im not sure if everyone at the Rufford surgery are Hunter friendly i think its only the main man thats happy to Dock
  11. Rabbits Wanted

    if you can get to mine tomorrow im in all day pm me if you can get to mine Degsy
  12. Nelson's Nets?

    he is on face ache i think he is mad busy
  13. Rabbits Wanted

    is it ferret food mate or human consumption
  14. 100Y Longnet

    give Nelson a shout he is on here
  15. Anybody Have Any Knowledge On Employment Law

    things like this are happening all over management bullying and getting people on trivial warnings