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  1. FAC law?

    Not sure if I’m posting this in the right section but I would be interested to know other people’s views on this someone I know had there FAC and SGC revoked following a domestic incident two years ago, tried applying for his shotgun back after two years but was refused and told by firearms they wanted to see another 3 years before he can try again ( 5 years in total) this is the second time he has had them taken off him what I wanted to know is, is there anything stopping him going out with people who hold and FAC or SGC or does him having them revoked work like a firearms banning order where he can’t be in contact with firearms, I have had conflicting answers to this from someone involved with BASC and a solicitor
  2. FAC law?

    I’m sure it’s a few of them unwritten thoughts that make the police think it’s not worth the risk giving him them back, it’s a sad situation all round, but life is only what you make it, no one can force you into these situations the signs were their before it went to far ( pregnant within the first week moved in within a month, game over ) 😢
  3. FAC law?

    When they turned out to be mental, which they inevitably always seemed to be he would bin them off, sadly there’s a little lad involved this time, he would be better off on his own, I’m sure he is fitted with a mong magnet
  4. FAC law?

    It’s a shame as he’s a cracking lad but has fallen foul of the fairer sex, he would come across very well in front of a judge but all I could think of is in the unlikely event of him getting them back while he is still with her she would constantly use it against him to get her own way, he maybe better off waiting until after this relationship has run it’s course or buy my fishing gear
  5. some birds

    He looks like someone you wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of dinner with, handsome fella
  6. some birds

    I’m with you on this and by the look in your dogs eyes you didn’t get to eat that all to yourself 😁
  7. FAC law?

    This is the reason he won’t get them back, firearms licensing will only go off your police/medical history, you can send as many character references and letters from farmers telling them what a stand up guy you are as you want, this means nothing to them, they could of been sent by anyone also most people you shoot for only know you in that capacity and have know idea what goes on behind closed doors, I would of thought he’s wasting his time going to court as I could never see a judge overruling a FAO or chief inspector
  8. FAC law?

    I know a farmer that did the same thing with his SGC when the mrs went off the rails, it was voluntary but after she rang the police the FAO recommended that they should stay there for a bit, it was over a year before he had them back at the farm, oh, and he’s still with her, some people just love a bit of drama in their lives
  9. FAC law?

    BASC have sent it to a solicitor to see if they will take it on, they are waiting to hear from them, if they say there is a 51% or greater chance of winning the will got court for him
  10. FAC law?

    Luckily I don’t have anything to do with her it’s a sad state of affairs when someone will use something like that against you when they know the consequences of their actions
  11. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    Yes, your eyes are not play tricks on you 👀
  12. FAC law?

    I feel a bit sorry for him everything was going swimmingly after he got them back the first time, a couple of extra rifles on the FAC and as much land as he could shoot, then he had the misfortune of meeting his mrs, she moved in, baby soon followed, I think it’s become a sport for her to make his life miserable, on the other hand I’ve got loads more land to shoot now, so every cloud
  13. FAC law?

    That’s how I see it, the first time he deserved to have them taken off him for the assault but the second time was just two drunk idiots arguing over nothing and his mrs phoned the police and told them he was threatening her, something that she later retracted and no further action was taken
  14. FAC law?

    That’s what BASC said, he is desperate for them back so he doesn’t have to rely on others, but the first time was for assault and the second domestic, I can’t see anyone putting there name to that grant of a SGC / FAC
  15. some birds

    Ian botham tried this and was shot down by the food standards agency, they say it must be handled by a registered processor and sadly they don’t work for free, this is madness giving some that has had to use a food bank shot game is no different to me giving my friends and family rabbits, pigeon, pheasant, duck, without a doubt this is better than the processed crap they are been given at the food banks
  16. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    I’ve never heard anyone have a good word to say about guns on pegs, a mate of mine bought a mixed day pheasant, partridge and duck, the duck was advertised as a flight pond when they got there it was a puddle outside the house, they complained and got the story of how well it’s been shooting, 3 mallard for the day make you think he might of been stretching it a bit, the problem is he also paid up front for this
  17. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    Very true, let’s just hope karma takes care of him
  18. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    I feel for you, sounds like this chap needs some complimentary dental work👊
  19. An hour on the oil seed

    That’s a cracking idea
  20. An hour on the oil seed rape, with my mate, there was a massive amount of birds about but with there been so much rape in the surrounding fields you would get a few shots off then they would move on for 10 mins before the next group would come along, still some shooting is better than no shooting
  21. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    Very kind offer, if you were up my way you could of come and had a go at the little grey pests over rape, people shouldn’t be charging that amount of money for pigeon shooting, a little drink out of it to show your appreciation but not over £100 a gun, that’s a joke
  22. Catapult issue

    Invite him round and make him a nice cup of tea and see if you can sort your differences out, if that fails just smash him over the head with the tea pot, but don’t tell anybody on a public forum you are going to do this 😮
  23. will i be accepted

    It’s always best to go over the top with security, i was advised to put a vault locking safe bolted to a outside wall or concrete floor with separate ammo safe for the rifles, if you show them that you are serious about the safe storage of any firearm this can only go in your favour 👍 good luck
  24. Howa 1500 in .223

    My mate feeds his with off the shelf 55g v max for fox, you can push these way past 150 yards with little to no scope adjustment as they fly fast and flat, IMO there’s no better fox dropper off the shelf, but to be honest, no matter what you put in it it will drop a fox where it stands 👍
  25. some birds

    It was the anti’s that brought this to the attention of the public with some grainy little video on Facebook, the more people persecute this sport the worse it will become for the people involved and the environment but these apprentice chris packham’s don’t seem to get this, if you are able to sell the end product then everyone is onto a winner, that’s the best thing about private syndicates, there is no waste