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  1. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Like to hear a kingfisher beeping as it gives you the heads up that he,s coming and you get the flash of blue as it shoots past,
  2. Scat identification

    Then maybe another small meat eating mamal the polecat, ? My hedgehogs were fed on cat food so maybe it gave them a bigger turd the other reason I suggested hedgehog was they were prone to leave there shit in the same place like mustalids which made it quite easy to litter train them, I,m afraid my third sense which would be to open one and sniff it and examine the contents is obviously missing, but I would think if it was a small mustelid polecat/stoat or weasel it would contain lots of tiny bone and some fur were as a hedgehog would be more paste like from worms,snails and a few berry,s one of my daughters has a hedgehog family in her garden I will pop down for a turd if the mystery continues, but I have been unable to post pics since the wonderful improvemts to the site so you may have to take my word
  3. Scat identification

    If it's not a bird very possibly a hedgehog, I,ve reared a few and that looks very familiar
  4. flir scout tk

    Christmas is coming and I am really wanting a thermal imaging spotter/camera have been looking at these and it seems to good to be true for the money, so my question is has anyone had any experience of them and is it worth the money, have seen lots of video on utube and all seems to be good but would rather ask someone with first hand experience cheers
  5. Clothes

    This thread is like the kids nursery rhyme the empora,s cloth,s
  6. Clothes

    My missus works in the clic charity shop so I get first dibs and even get to try before I buy, we feel better about ourselves because we are helping people less fortunate than us not because we are dressed better than them but as rusty says it's basically about what makes you happy
  7. Clothes

    Strange question but if I must, it has allowed me to live mortgage free, for the last seven years and work two or three days a week instead of seven as I used to, I own everything that's mine and have nothing on the book to pay for, a pocket full of dollar gives you many more choices than a Pringle jumper and a pair of pods which are more about feeding people's insecurity,s and making them feel there shitty life is slightly better than it really is, but that's another subject, I basically value my time above material things and put everything down to how many days of my life will it cost, IE the £950 coat looks lovely and may make you feel slightly better than the man in his primarny coat but it equals 7/8 days of my life to pay for it, so I wear the same coat but for £3 from the charity shop and have a week off, a mans wealth is measured by the things he can live without, I do understand that I,m very different from many but that's how I have lived my life and it works for me
  8. Clothes

    Or alternatively you can look like a cross between a tramp and a tree, and sit back laughing at all the people trying to be individual by dressing exactly the same as each other, whilst the enormous wedge in your pocket which you have accumulated by not buying the same overpriced jumper as everyone else, gets you pretty good results as well
  9. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    If anyone is interested I believe there is a program on radio 4 at 9pm regarding leopards and bigcat sightings
  10. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Is every one you know a total bullshitter ?? I can't imaging for one minute that a bloke driving a Lorry for a living suddenly thinks I no what will make me really popular I,m going to contact the paper and make an outrageous claim I just saw three men loading a big cat into a van on the roadside, I know there are hoax,s and cases of mistaken I.d but really,,, I put a vid on one of the other threads of a bloke with a photo of a dead leopard in the gutter and a pelt of a leopard taken from a roadkill carcass it's not all lies. No matter how many times you shout bollacks it does not make your case any stronger, you would be better off contacting the council and demanding the info you require under the freedom of information act, if you ask for a digital copy they can't charge you, there is as much a place for pessimists in this as there is for people like me and I am happy to hear there reasons for doubting it but you have to come up with more than just shouting bollacks and calling everyone a liar
  11. Clothes

    Have not read the whole thing but saw the milk round threads and thought I'd add my two pence worth as I also had a milk round I started at the age of 12' 4.30 am start Saturday and Sunday for £2.50 which might not sound like lots but I could go and watch a punk group at the lacarno in Bristol, and yes I could get in to concerts and travel on my own aged 12 as I was a street rat, could,nt imaging the outcry today, also had another job before that which I started when I was 7/8 sweeping the sawdust up on the butchers floor after school for the princely sum of a thrupenny bit, regarding clothing I,m a staunch charity shop customer so most of my cloth,s cost less than £3 so don't care if they fail in a few days but usually they are fine other clothing outlets for me are army surplus and that's it, I live a very frugal life as i don't like being tied to work and value my free time more than a designer label or flash car
  12. Airbags

    an easy way of gaining entry to a locked car was to simply drive up to it and give it a little bumper tap this would trigger the airbags and unlock all the doors, so that should be all the force needed to set them off I would imaging, if you are going to complain or seek some compo they will say it broke in the crash and was fine before the impact standard get out clause, as you say your wife's fine and car can be replaced so that's the most important thing,
  13. flir scout tk

    Thanks for the reply, but is the xq23/30 £700 better than the flir as that's the price difference between the two, all I want is around a hundred yards of visibility with the ability to record what I,m seeing, this looks more than achievable with the flir but would like to talk with anyone that's used one, could I see a pig sized animal hiding in a wood around 50 to 100 yards in and get a snap that's all I,m after cheers
  14. Old Ally Ctties..

    I just use a pair of nail scissors I would think any short bladed scissors will work mate
  15. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    your sighting is dead normal mate, but there are some on here that would have you believe that in the 5 seconds you saw what you saw they would have got there tripod out set up the GoPro then took a perfectly placed head shot and produced the body for all to marvel at there great countryside skills and hunting ability, then there are a few people like yourself who actually go outside for real and know in there mind exactly what they saw FairPlay to you
  16. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Not really interested in this thread for obvious reasons but it's good that the doubters have some were to vent, but in answer to your question I don't hear much from Europe, Australia seems to have a simular situation to us even a few grainy videos on utube and last week when I was at Bristol uni talking with vetanary and zoology students I did hear of two black leopard sightings in Italy so maybe a few, anyway that's it for me on this one enjoy
  17. LYNX OR NOT??

    Loosing face on here mate really, this is a website were faceless people can live a made up life, I,m sure I,ll survive the shame of it, the moon pic was a bit easier to get as well, as its massive comes out in full view of everyone and is,nt very good at hiding but thanks again
  18. Dwarf nonce

    I did,nt even look at the link, I just liked the title nice one Dave
  19. LYNX OR NOT??

    Your thought process at the time would take a while to adjust mate most people that see them say the same , I know of people that had cameras but just stood staring and plenty with guns that have said the same but many don't want to, then you have the other side of the coin if you injured it it would become a very dangerous thing, I,ve said it before but if you or anyone you know ever bag one I will buy the body from you, I know of several estates that have employed people to shoot a cat but normally by the time the cat has been noticed and arrangements made its moved on, these are very nomadic animals with massive territory,s and very little compaction for space I think dinosaur said a while ago that he had seen one in the same area he saw one three years ago and that's very normal, so that's three years of running cameras in an area waiting for it to return, it's as hard to get a good photo as it is a clean shot, so maybe we can have a race, you also never answered the question if someone you no and trust has ever claimed to see one?
  20. LYNX OR NOT??

    You surprise me as one of my best sources of info are shooters, I,ve just returned from an estate were a guy culling deer claims to have seen one twice in the last few weeks, he,s an ex military guy that now does pest control, not a fantasist or looney a normal bloke going about his business, I,ve just put four cameras up in the area so maybe we might get lucky, tortworth house is in your neck I believe and a guy shooting deer up there told me he had one walk right through his scope when he was watching deer, have had four this year reported to me by marksmen/pest controllers, all just normal blokes going about there business and wanting to tell someone what they encountered without being treated like looney,s, have you never met a single person that you trust that claims to have seen one?
  21. LYNX OR NOT??

    Getting back on topic, I also get things from the states and during the Lynx saga there was a female puma successfully darted in sanfransisco it was in a residential area and safely released into the wild, what a difference
  22. LYNX OR NOT??

    I hope there not because I,ve had two reports this month from men with guns and that would be a bad combo , (both culling deer on two estates in two different county,s 30miles apart)
  23. LYNX OR NOT??

    i might be a quack pot and attention seeker but I was also the first person to see the first and only ever bearded vulture in England and am also one of very few people in the country that could take you and show you a red necked grebe on a nest but I won't because she is happy to come and go undisturbed and if I did tell you, you and your anorack mates would all turn up and nause the bird and landowner off, I think this is more what gets your back up about me than the fact I,ve seen a big black cat walking at large in England, rare birds to me are an interesting sideline in what I,m really looking for and not really that hard to find, that's why I look for something that offer,s a bit more of a challenge than waiting for my internet to beep with the coordinates of the latest bird that I could photograph from the car window, if you don't believe me or any of the things I say that's fine but you don't have to stalk me trying to piss on my fire because I,m to far gone to be put off by some sad act Bill oddie wannabe, all your doing is detracting from a subject that some people seem to be enjoying, as you did on the other bigcat thread
  24. horrible vermin

    The sad thing is it will be someone they know or a friend of a friend, people don't just come and rob you on the off chance you have a litter of pups, and the average robber is,nt looking for pups, loose lips sink ships
  25. LYNX OR NOT??

    I bet your mister popular down the pub are,nt you I offered you to the uni last week were you could have asked your questions and maybe even been allowed to see some of the photos and evidence, but strangely it was to much effort, best just sit by your computer waiting for the next twitcher alert so you can all go and see a waxwing in someone's garden without getting your shoes dirty you bell end