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  1. please be carful

    IF you really believe that you are just a victim waiting to happen, i,m talking from a lifetime of dealing with both and travellers are very minor petty criminals who don't really cover there tracks, in comparison to many men in suits I know of, my brother is a member of the free masons and there is not one person in his lodge that's not got his fingers in pies much bigger than robbing sheds or poisoning dogs, so yes I do seriously think that posh men in suits are more of a risk than a traveller, they also find it much easier robbing deluded fools that think they are straight up honest men because they have a suit on so be careful
  2. please be carful

    I would wake up and smell the roses before you become the victim of a serious crime if you think posh blokes are a safe bet, it's just a case of judging a book by its cover, a traveller may rob your dog or shed but a posh one will take your house, car and granny,s savings, the biggest criminals in the world all wear suits, not flat caps and trackies
  3. please be carful

    This just sounds like another case of paperboy rage to me, I bet his only crime was not tipping at Christmas, my paperboy stole my pir motion sensing frog from my doorstep on his last day, your all the same you paper boys looking all youthful and innocent whilst carrying out your pre school crime wave,
  4. please be carful

    Probably had a drill and small bit to put some pilot holes in first, those travellers are really fussy when it comes to killing pets,
  5. please be carful

    to many people get there ideal of travellers from lock, stock and Chinese whispers, more likely some little posh prick went home with dogshit on there shoe and daddy no bollocks thought I,ll show em and spiked a few treats, then the rumour mill does the rest,
  6. We've got the K and the F.........but no C

    It,s the finest, that's a very sad statement if that covers your last 32 years of fine dining mate, I,m sure Ireland can produce better than both those swill shacks you just need to look in the right places
  7. We've got the K and the F.........but no C

    It won't go to waste mate, once he gets a coat of his secret recipe on there you will never know its gone off, nobody has said anything upto date and he,s been serving scabby old boilers for years,
  8. Rescue dogs

    I had a border Russell from the dogs home many years ago when digging was still legal,sadly died of cancer aged 9 but the most sensible level headed dog I,ve ever owned, she would stay down for hours, bay but never engage and you could call her out if the dig was a no go, she was also very true and if she went in 9 out of 10 times something was home, also got the best lurcher I,ve owned from the dogs home, I think it's more to do with the time I had to put in to the dogs than the breeding of them, I was out 5/7 days a week never worked and the dogs were with me everywhere I went, they even spent a few nights in the cells of the local police station with me, all of the dogs in the group were from the dogs home, the bigger lurcher had a lamping accident and never lived long enough to reach its potential and the Black and Tan terrier was a bit to headstrong but the whippet and the little brown bitch were the best I,ve owned,
  9. We've got the K and the F.........but no C

    The jamacan by me still has loads of fried chicken in and it's ten times better than the colonel,s secret recipe that he actually stole from the cotton pickers who arrived from the Africa's many moons ago, so if anyone is desperate for some proper fried chicken go to your local Jamaicans and f**k the colonel and his corporate empire, support your local rasta
  10. are the french nuts

    They rear the dog with the sheep from a pup so it thinks it's one of them and it naturally defends its family, it's like a giant golden retriever, according to those original statistics 360 wolves ate 12000 sheep, I suspect a few false claims may have been made to reach those stats or they have some very fat lamb munching wolves over there
  11. Just saw this

    I don't think it's a new thing I lamped dozens of fox,s in the 80,s of Durdan downs near the centre of Bristol, while all the late night revellers were making there way home from town dropping miss milleys fried chicken left overs all over the downs, the place was alive with fox,s, they were worth good money in those days and you could just sit in the van waiting for them to arrive
  12. Am back

  13. Lead moulds

    M eight is the size of a nut not a slang word for a friend, you donughts
  14. Lead moulds

    If your stuck and want to get going while you sort out a mould I have used 2 pieces of 2"x2" timber, clamp them together and drill a row of holes along the joint with a 10mm bit put a bit of tape around the bit 12mm up and don't drill any deeper, pour in your lead and you have small lead beans or buy a bag of [BANNED TEXT] nuts they fly pretty true and hit hard enough to hunt with, good luck
  15. patterdale rescued after 74hrs trapped

    Back in the day that would have been a good social, now no one wants to come and help incase they get there collar felt,
  16. Big Cat Sighting

    They would,nt need to be fast mate I,m past legging it and thankfully the ones I'm after are solitary and smaller, so I,m confident between me my knife and my pack I,m in with a sporting chance might even get the body everyone craves and a few action man scars for good measure
  17. pigzilla WTF

    You would have to have a massive set of gonads to shoot the f****r with a bow, if you were not up a tree he,d just look round and tell you to start running
  18. Power

    I personally only use single bands 6" long, I do have many forks so if I need heavier ammo I use a wider single, I use 15mm wide for targets in the garden 25mm is my general target/ small game both with 9.5 steel and 32mm singles fire 12mm leads if I,m after pheasants, if your new to it I would suggest you go on eBay and buy a meter of tbg and a rotary cutter it will cost about a tenner then you can cut a few sets as and when you need them until you settle on what suits you, some people prefer tapered bands so wider at the forks than at the pouch end which again is something you can play with if you get some band and a cutter
  19. Hooked gutting knife

    Made this myself from an old file and a roe Buck antler
  20. Power

    It is 5 . Something, so anywere between 5-6 will put you in the park, I,m a bit of a fossil mate so always just round up or down unless I,m making something precise, then I get the callipers out cheers
  21. Power

    Ammo size as well mate to small a BB will be as bad as to big plus cold effects tbg, there are a multitude of factors you need to work out, get a tape measure stick the end of the tape on your anchor point and pull it out like your shooting a catty, see how far you pull it then divide by 6 this will give you the approximate length of tbg you need for you, then just keep practicing
  22. Internet.

    A bit like the North Koreans thank Kim dong for looking after them and keeping them safe from the western tyrants,
  23. Internet.

    I use the Internet as we all do its not a crime but it does not run my life, no one mentioned finding dogs for sale just finding there dogs, it's not about going Ateam really running a die along a bar, it's a skill that most of us had before we relied on the Internet as a quick and easy fix, so not really so much pish if you read things through before replying
  24. Internet.

    Even the dogs wear a kilt up there then, must be a nightmare getting through a hedge
  25. Internet.

    In two hours I would have made a new plug in my man cave it's only a bit of bar with a thread cut into it, I have also made parts for my rifles, put your iPhone down and you won't need to keep finding your dog and no one has ever died from not being able to watch sport so your reasons for saving the tinternet are weak and flawed as all the things you mention I could do quicker without the net apart from watch sport which I can live without no problem, we can all make excuses and justify our actions but in truth banning Things we don't like is as bad as any other form of control, I also think there were many more nonces around in my childhood than there are today it was just brushed under the carpet and not talked about, so I don't think the net has increased the number just people's awareness that they are out there, everything in moderation and you,ll be fine