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    Two nice solid dogs RH, do you still have stuff down from them.
  2. Tracks

    Finally seen the culprit that made the tracks, I didn't think it was a fox because of the distance between each print was too far apart, but I was wrong I woke at 3 this morning to the dogs kicking off and went into the kitchen and kept the light off and shone a torch out and there was a huge fox there, I shit myself and thought it was a dog at first, anyway he was a beast and now I know!!!
  3. Tracks

    I'm sure the first pic is a red squirrel the next one could be a pine marten and the third is a hare, all these were within 50 yards from each other on the road behind my place.
  4. Tracks

    This is my island 😛
  5. Tracks

    Bumped into this fella too
  6. Tracks

    Bottom one is my lurchers haha
  7. Tracks

    And there aint no greys by me (squirrels that is).
  8. Tracks

    Gave the lurcher a run earlier, here's a few more
  9. Tracks

    Here's a couple more, I think the tracks are coming to me instead of away from me.
  10. Tracks

    They're all from the same animal and l don't think it's a fox pal.
  11. Tracks

    Anyone know what these tracks are they where outside my front door this morning.
  12. Choked On Collar.

    A fukkin sickener pal, I lost a good dog to a collapse at start of the season, Im still gutted. Ive lost a few to ground over the years but never had a collar choke a dog, had a few caught on roots. I hope its the only loss to ground you have. atb
  13. Not All Up For It.

    I dont see the point in taking the dog to the same place hoping for a different result Rob, no two digs are ever the same I think.
  14. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Five pages, its a wonder it got that far, a defo ringer, you can smell it a mile away, people bite too easy!!!