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  1. Think the same lad was at a show last year down near Cork , he was with local lads and was loud in fact very loud , nobody needs this attention this beardy boyo will bring around them .
  2. Terrible tragedy, thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the deceased .
  3. Yes I agree wholeheartedly with you that The Northies had always a good crew of wheatens , I’m going back to the days of old we use to hear them talking breeding terms , lads from Belfast , Armagh ,, Portedown, and Dundalk had their fair share entered and could ly over the top of them ,there was also a crew from Cork and they also were good lads who all shared their stories . Great memories late 70s early 80s . Jesus ever try to understand a Cork man and a Belfast man talking , just walk away as a translator is required.
  4. There was a few good wheatens kept round the Waterford area , very very well kept tight line bred dogs going right back to the 1970s .
  5. Great result for all the lads up North , being honest I thought it would have definitely went the other way ,even though it was voted against , keep your wits about yee,s bhoys ,as we all know the anti brigade is still out there , they would luv to come back with a pile of videos or photos to strengthen their support and sway another vote in their favour .
  6. I remember an oul pal of mine Flasher use to call him Big Jake The Snake, honestly don,t know which one would’ve stroked you first , he always had something for sale and if he didn’t,he knew a man who did , always weighed into the shows with big trailer full of dogs and a biscuit tin full of sandwiches.
  7. Use to see decent looking wheatens at some of the terrier shows in ireland , big Jackie always had one for sale or knew where there was one for sale ,is that big man Jackie still alive
  8. Them Hoors up in Terone well done , , well deserved .
  9. Lee remember buying a terrier late 80s early 90s ,big dopey looking dog ,that everybody laughed at , supposed to be half glen , two seasons I got outta of em ,where he hit his game you normally dug him , very rare we had to dig 2 or 3 holes to em , wish I had him in the kennels now .
  10. Some great opportunities missed from both teams to score ,points make prizes .
  11. Good tight match , to all our friends in Mayo and Terone , have a great day
  12. Why ruin good interesting topics that others have contributed to over the past years with knowledge and interest . Your a very immature individual.
  13. Great thread to read ,until I got to last page and the immaturity showed through on certain individuals , I thought and believed all guys or lads worked together in the doggy game ,
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