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  1. A very polite rejection

    My shooting partner and myself picked up two new perms on Thursday and both were gained because we were able to do a bit of name dropping regarding perms we shoot on already. Farmers know farmers, the hard bit is getting the first perm but once you do get one, drop his name in passing with other farmers. The things I have found has the best impact with farmers is ' I shoot rats, crows and feral pigeons ' because everyone wants rabbits and wood pigeon so go for vermin that really are pests. Next week and the week after we have been asked to go and talk to a couple more farmers about shooting which is another 2600 acres including some. cracking woodland. It is surprising how things can come together and to have land owners contact you to come and do a job for them. Just keep tapping away and use every contact you have and don't forget to ask everyone you know if they know anybody. That is the best introduction you can get. Phil
  2. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    The Barracuda Hunter Extreme does give a good result but for me gave no advantage. Of course many of the pellets tested give different results at 47fpe so I will be interested to see what final results are at longer range with sub 12. Phil
  3. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    Just need to stretch the range out but looks like the AA Fields might do the business. I somehow don't think the Grizzly will be your chosen pellet though Phill. Phil
  4. Now that is a tricky question. I had the Carbine because I just found the full length version way to front end heavy but that is just me. The 'K' has a smaller shot count unless you spend another £150 for an A&M cylinder whereas the 'S' version will throw out about 100 shots per fill with the standard cylinder. It is down to what you like...................................there is always the HW110 which is full length but feels like a carbine but only 10 shot mags instead of 14 on the HW100. I must confess a real liking for the 110 and is on my hit list at the moment. Phil
  5. same as I use on mine. Phil
  6. Squirrel feeders

    I have been told that wheat works well so mixing it with some peanuts reduces the cost. I will be interested to hear how well the guinea pig food works, I can get some very large sacks of that for not a lot of money. If they don't like it, they will flick it all over the ground........................rat bait, double the quarry species. Phil
  7. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    I will be interested to see how you go on in a sub 12 .25. Phil
  8. New Air Rifle

    From John, top dollar then as he doesn't do discount but a very nice guy, used to shoot clays with him. Phil
  9. head wrecker

    Must admit Si, I also like good looking 42 year olds as well......................................... Phil
  10. New Air Rifle

    Are you getting it from Brown's lock stock and barrel . You will have to take it up to the new range at Lightwood lane, Norton. Phil
  11. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    I am sending you a few samples in the post tomorrow Phill. JSB Kings, JSB King Heavy, H&N Grizzly (just for a laugh) and by far the best results for me were AA Fields Phil
  12. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    No charge here matey, we try to help each other out............................you can feel the love on this forum Phill Phil
  13. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    Right Phill PM me your full name and address and I will send you a few samples of what you don't have. Phil
  14. Torch mount

    I am on the look out for one on these torch mounts that allows the torch to be aligned on the rifle because at the moment using a standard weaver scope mount, the beam is out of position so I need one of the adjustable type. I have looked on the bay but not found anything so if any of you guys can provide me with a link, I would be most grateful. The torch body diameter is 25mm Phil
  15. Torch mount

    Thanks Allan very good of you mate I will PM you my address, we can do a swap around. Phil
  16. Torch mount

    Thank you Jimmy, just the ticket mate. Phil
  17. New BSA

    My RFD has one of these very pretty little Ultras in stock and yes they are very very nice but a laminated stock and shrouded barrel with mod has a price tag at £725 which to me is just too much no matter how cute the gun is. Phil
  18. airgun forum?

    I have some friends on there and visit most days for a few minutes, usually okay. Phil
  19. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    Okay Phill, I will have a look through my pellet collection to see what I have that may be of interest. Phil
  20. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    Phill, it may be worth listing what you have tried and if I have something that you don't have and is suitable for sub12, I can send you a sample. I have some H&N Grizzly 31gr so clearly no good to you and as a matter of interest, no fcuking good to me as they were the worst pellet performance I have ever seen but they must work with some guns although heavens knows which. Phil
  21. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    How are you getting on with the .25 Renos Phil
  22. H&N hornet .25 pellets

    You having a senior moment Jon. I have been looking for you Phil but no luck I'm afraid. I did have some to test in my FX Impact but none left otherwise you could have had them. As Jon has said, accuracy was poor in my .22 and .25 fac guns, so I wouldn't bother if I were you mate. Phil
  23. brocock bantam hilite soft touch 22 cal

    I am going to sell my T200 target rifle so if this is still around, I may be interested but the Daystate aspect concerns me to be honest. Phil
  24. brocock bantam hilite soft touch 22 cal

    It would make a good ratter. Phil
  25. Air arms

    Get in it the sales section then with a price, might be interested. Phil