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  1. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    he is slow off the mark. i bred lakie lurchers in the 80s
  2. thats a fine looking mutt. i'm sure your friend knows you will do your best for it. i really hope it works out for all concerned. i often worry as to what would happen to my own dogs. a sign that i'm getting closer to the gates myself. i suppose. sorry you lost your friend. atb.
  3. Let it snow!

    6 to 8 inch at the moment here. with the worst still to come
  4. An afternoon bolting

    nice one. cracking images. look forward to many more. if it goes well i may even have a go again. lol
  5. Bit of rough

    not sure if he was retrieving or retreating lol
  6. Show Us Your White Dog's

    now then . this caught my eye. nice sort that
  7. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    so has his dogs by the sound of it.
  8. Wee tribute to the old boy

    be a shame if he dont cover a decent bitch . must be someone looking for a small compact working stud dog. dogs like him are like hens teeth these days. he cant be much more than 12 inch tts. i wish i could get my little russells back from the 80s.
  9. Wee tribute to the old boy

    starting to show his age now john. liked him from the first time i clapped eyes on him. hope your blessed with a few more seasons yet. atb.
  10. Lens?Which one?

    you should get a fair reach with the 14-140. but the 300 would be better. its a micro four thirds so i think that would work as double. . ie. 140. is equivelant to 280 good luck with your new toy.
  11. Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    Thats my point. they are all different. and brought on different. ive only kept a couple so can only go on what ive had and those ive seen. and they have been no worse than any bull cross or terrier cross. as for man biting none i know have this trait. if they did they would have been put away. is it a case of give a dog a bad name. ? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Darcey.
  12. Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    yea they are a time bomb waiting to go off. kill all yer dogs eat yer kids and worry any stock that gets between them and the quarry they have been pointed at. FFS. SOME NONSENSE WROTE ABOUT THIS CROSS. good and bad in them same as most terrier blooded lurchers.
  13. wagyu

    we built a shed for a new wagyu venture. last year up here . they are doing well. they also breed aberdeen angus x wagyu . the meat from he cross is also high quality. the burgers are to die for, most is sold from a farm shop. not cheap mind
  14. I didn't know..............

    you can get a lovely calender at most good newsagents. its under p. just above the pom and pug