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  1. Oswald the Lurcher

    god bless.
  2. Fell terrier cross

    ive tried to find the post with no luck. i'll post the pic again if i can find it.
  3. Fell terrier cross

    i bred a fell to a racing greyhound many years ago. got seven pups six dogs one bitch. the dogs averaged 23-25 tts. the bitch was the raciest at 19 tts. on hindsite the little hardy beddy whippet i had would have produced a better litter. i posted a pic on here a while back of the bitch. i think the second cross would be more productive.
  4. Foxes hit hard??

    another from yesterday. seem to be hanging on to there winter coat longer this year
  5. Foxes hit hard??

    there are a few around me. this fox apears this time of year. third year running.
  6. Strange bred

    looks a hardy animal. built to last by the look of the pic
  7. Roe Buck

    still a fine beast.
  8. Show Us Your White Dog's

    max. plummer x russell. will need to take more recent pics. as ive just noticed the lack of pigment on his nose has gone. he was well over a year in these pics. i thought his pink spot was there to stay. after he matured.
  9. Right time to bring a dog on?

    its oldschool. outdated and as has been said teaches very little that cant be got by just getting the dog to the right place at the right time
  10. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    that first pics a belter
  11. Terrier Tie Out Pins

    saw some good ones on fb. stainless steel t bars with swivel. cant remember where could be worth a search
  12. that dog reminds me of a lad off here. had a bitch that was similar. had a staff as well. f****d off to different shores. f****d if i can remember his name now. nice dog by the way
  13. Show Us Your White Dog's

    auld Bree