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I've had the privilege to work my dogs on some truly outstanding ground and in the best of company...would I f**k go back without an invite..not so long as I got a hole in my arse...lowest of the low👍

2nd week of February we pull the plug, I think myself its only right, in fairness people that hunt on into march are only killing there own sport. Keepers and such well they have a job to do and a vix

Keeping numbers down wasnt the point atall as they are shot and controlled by other means by myself we was simply out for a bit of sport as he was struggling to get any himself, i have plenty of help

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14 hours ago, socks said:

I’m not looking for a bite I’m telling you that you are lying … there is no way you covered 40 miles across rough terrain I presume with hills in 4 hours whilst stopping to lamp any quarry you came across.   The marine commando test is a 30 mile speed March across Dartmoor and you have 8 hours to complete it but you can walk 40 miles in 4 hours whilst lamping. You are a fukcing liar. 

I was in a 39 and a half mile race once, winner did it in around 4.10.(I was 2 hours slower, and coming down the stairs on my arse for a few days after it)

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13 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

When I was fit,I could run to the top of Pen yr van from the story arms  and back down the otherside over the footbridge in under an HR...best time was 52 mins.....was 15 yr ago mind lol😁👍

Am fit as a flee mate it might of been abit Longer are lass says you wasn't back in till gone 6 in morning out at 11 ish. But still to get to where we was working the areas an back home was ad say 40 miles after walking all the land too. It was 7 miles just to get to the top end from walking pugnies then untoward a place called new Miller dam then up towards Barnsley the surrounding areas up there and towards Flockton. People who know them areas will know its some distance to walk. But had some good times an plenty of quarry. I worked it out from them areas I put down in one of my other comments was 15 miles an that was just a normal road trek. When out working the dogs we'd head from Denby Dale Road towards midgley Flockton area. That was me mooching top of whitby on the moors few weeks back. A don't drink an don't smoke mate am a fitness freak since having a duodenal ulcer an nearly loosing my life a keep fit even more. 


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As a comparison an ultra marathan winner did 50 miles from brecon to cardiff on a trail in 06:53:26 so he ran end to end. So just under 8 minute miles. Took me 11.5 haha and even I jogged the bulk of it

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16 minutes ago, terryd said:

As a comparison an ultra marathan winner did 50 miles from brecon to cardiff on a trail in 06:53:26 so he ran end to end. So just under 8 minute miles. Took me 11.5 haha and even I jogged the bulk of it

I was out at roughly them times Terry an back in for 4 to 6 ish an it's some miles. Like a said to get to the land where there was most quarry on the south yorkshire side of Barnsley mapelwell it was 7 miles to get to there an 7 back after walking the land round that area. If we went to the other side of Flockton Huddersfield area on every part of land round there your talking 7.4 miles or that's just walking not on land then another 4.7 miles just walking not on land that jumps it upto 26 miles. So ad say All in all 30 odd miles. I thought it was about 40 but take in walking the land too its around about that. But the misses says you used to set off 11ish an back for 6 ish 7 ish. She said a bet many on there haven't even walked to local shop for paper. Which a bets true. Many will drive to land an dogs out of motor walk not even a mile walk in them. I've seen some one came to my home years back to dewl claw my pups  he was built like a f***ing double decker bus lol how he even gets in his motor surprised me . Talking abart 20 stone one of them belly like he was pregnant ffs.. He couldn't bend down to welping box never mind to put nets on Warren's or dig earths. Unreal an lad who came with him said there's many like that in the digging game mate lol

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37 minutes ago, socks said:

Bangers everybody knows your talking shit. 

Listen you can think what you want ya get back to your arm chair. Giving it Army this Army that every post I've put you've commented about f***ing Army. I've family members who were in the forces an some who still are.. An the ones who aren't any more don't even mention being in the forces nor will watch anything to do with wars.  Because of the shit they've seen over seas. Plus ashamed of the government. But you well what can a say Kenneth the drill sergeant lol. Always right never wrong one of them 

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 If you want to talk about the force all you have to do is ask Kenneth. I'm here to talk to a OAP got week off work so can chat to you.  My great grandfather was a kosbie. My grandfathers brother still has his riffle that he brought back with him. Which at the time my grandfather says my great grandmother wasn't very pleased. But you'll say am lieing about that now lol 

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37 minutes ago, jcb said:

I bet you have nice tight feet with a good spring on your ribs from all that walking

Not bad to be fare one got chased by operations galileo in Lincolnshire with a chap off here dimmok don't know if he's still on here. At the time we was on the land by 9.30 was onto us by about 10.30 the law didn't catch us till round about 4.30. Coppers who were on at the time said it's once of best chases they'd done at the time. Dimmock wanted to throw towel in an stop but a told him if we managed to get back down the river side were home an dry. But it didn't work out that way they got the chopper out an dog handler in the end. But it just shows you if your on foot an not in a motor you can go anywhere you want. And I've alway done that from day one. They'd of had us in half hour in a motor maybe abit Longer. All the coppers were sound bare the dog handler who was abit of a prick told rusty he was. But all the way round a told dimmok to delete any pics of kills or owt that will show were in pursuit of game. He wasn't happy deleting all his pictures but had to be done slips thrown away an back onto normal leads. They couldn't do much but say will have a letter in post to go court nothing came of it. Now if we'd of been seen with dogs coming out of the motor onto the land or parked at side of the land on the fens they may of had a case. The moto is walk don't be lazy. 

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Dont try and deflect the from your obvious bullshit. The only reason I mentioned the army was to draw a comparison with fit men covering distance over rough ground to your bullshit claims. I notice you’ve now nearly doubled the time you say you were out to try and convince people of your super lamping prowess 😂 you are a grade A clown bullshitter and Walter Mitty and everybody on here knows it. 

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9 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

You cnuts are as dull as him for keeping it going, he a bullshitter, no more or less 😄

Thread started saying it’s time to put shovel 

away for the summer 😂.

we’ve done lamping , power walking and a wellie 

review since

you can tell it’s summer 😂👍

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