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Feral lurcher.

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Nice to see the greyhounds mentioned ?

I have known two in my life both pure greyhound that survived out on their own..

One lost for twelve weeks in Sherwood that came back fatter than when it was lost ?

Another a hound at Newark that lived six months that we knew of at least   

A mate caught it when it went into a new build with heaters on to dry for plastering ?


The bitch was a class act when out up on back legs scanning like a poodle lol

Once sighted it would creep in on its belly to rabbit trouble was it would easily catch the shushie but would swallow it in seconds ?

They bred it to a deerhound handsome looking beasts but couldn't kill anything even  in a phone box I saw most of the litter out ?

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Interesting & reminds of story relayed to me by a close mate who lives in FNQ(Queensland).While he was fixing a fence on his cattle station above Cooktown after the" big wet".He caught a movement

I saw a greyhound on the side of the highway in bushland south of Sydney around ten years ago. I pulled up around 100m past and walked back to see if I could catch the dog before it got hit. As I got

The litter brother to my old bitch Delta got loose and lived wild for around six weeks before my mate managed to catch it. It was living in a woods, haven't got a clue what it lived on. A local M

Years ago me and my mates lost a big brindle saluki greyhound on the old kilpatrick hills it belonged to a member in here’s uncle it wasnt seen for 6 weeks .... it was found in mulguy and returned I don’t no if it lived wild for the time it was away a few in here might no the big guy found it sure his name was Kenny came from mulguy and was right into his lurchers big ginger haired chap just wondered if any of the older Scottish lads like drover or brambles might have new him be nice to find out how he found the big monkey that was Rory 

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On 20/01/2022 at 11:25, tomfromwest said:

I used to part time live in Spain They are hard on dogs in spain especially Podencos. We regularly when out in the scrub walking or on the canal on the bikes used to come across ferral dogs. If you managed  to get one to approach you and give him or her a bit of affection it was fatal you were stuck with them. I have the image of a bull type trotting past us with a flattened rat in his mouth trotting home which was probably an old concrete pipe left by the builders. My Mate in lanzarote once took a stray Jack in for best part of a week. His wife broke her heart as when they were going home in the Taxi the last view they had of the dog was it belting up the road after them as the taxi accelerated away. He puts that down as a big mistake and he is not wrong. Just the thought of that affects me as i'm typing.

I was in palma and they packs of street dogs just roaming about ,Spanish hunting dogs get a bad ol life .

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