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Hornady 17 HMR ammo shortage?

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8 minutes ago, Dervburner said:

Same here, none last month except for 20 grain cci at £22:99 for 50 ?

Hornady now back in stock. My hmr doesn’t like the Winchesters but ok with all other brands, but the most accurate are the 20 grain cci, typically the most expensive. 

Those 20gn cci are very fast for 20gn. If only they did a softpoint in them.

A 452 I owned for a few months loved Winchester 20gn but I hated the misfires. 

Best be buying some more of the hornadys quick from my local!

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I have always used 17gn Remington in my Cz 452 and these are the results at a 100 yards a bit of wind 10mph ish and literally lay on the ground bipod and into my shoulder it’s an old pic I’ve put it up before but gives an idea of the consistency and accuracy.

My gun isn’t a great lover of cleaning the barrel every thing else is cleaned but I find the accuracy goes off until it gets dirtied up a bit but being a dirty round it doesn’t take that long, so I persevere without altering the zeroing as I know it’s just the settling down going on.

What works in a Cz might not work in a Ruger I remember I had a go of a mates .22 ruger semi I’ve never known any thing so inaccurate, I look forward to seeing the results as I could be looking at something a bit lighter myself

I use mine mainly for rabbits I have many opportunities to shoot fox but I don’t like killing for no reason there is no protection of birds where I shoot it’s mainly arable so rabbits I shoot at every opportunity as they are eating the farmers money.


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42 minutes ago, Deker said:

There are shortages of various types of ammo currently, been the same for months.

I've had issues getting the .223 I want, and certainly round this way HMR is thin on the ground!


Yerr, hmr ammo has been low on stock here, and it’s gone up in price. It’s cheaper for me to use homeloaded .22 ? hornet than hmr now.

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