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experience with hand feed training?

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Was over me old mans the other day. He has a black lab dog coming up 3 year old. The dog is a very decent dog overall and has had a good start to his working life.  but sometimes had abit of a habit of loosing focus at times.  

Anyway me farther has been hand feed training the dog for the last 2 weeks ( all food given by hand during training, no food in a bowl at all )  the improvement in the dog is unreal. Focused him right in an in all honesty hes now bloody impeccable, was quite stunned to see it.  

Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried this an how they got on? Was thinking myself could be a good way to sharpen a dog up as a refresher for a few week when needed ?

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24 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

There was a member called I think casso? Who used to advocate it. That and tug training. 

I've done both with the last two pups I've trained. As said, it really gets a good bond going. Unfortunately the deer/bull/grey I had snapped a cruciate at 15 months and died on the operating table. Never came back from the anaesthetic.

My current young mali/bull/grey is trained this way and doing well with it. 

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I’m going to start me pup with it this week. She’s been coming on fine to be fair to her , but after seeing the massive improvement in me dads dog I’m Gona give a go for a week an see how we get on . Was thinking maybe with labs being such dustbins and so kinda gut driven for want of a better phrase that would explain the quick improvement . My pups not particularly manic when it comes to her scran it might not motivate her to the same extent. Going to giv it a go for a week or 2 

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Aye casso gave some good advice. Talked me through the hand feeding thing to sort out some issues with a bitch I had and I’ve used the rug training with all of the last few pups I’ve had and it’s great for creating a bond and teaching retrieve. Especially with terrier blooded dogs. 

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? Sounds a canny method to assist in the management of performance dogs, and similar high flyers...?

I like a wee bit of schooling in a jukel,.. I've always found it to be great fun early on, and pretty darn essential when, out and about in the field..

Lots of tricks, treats and devious schooling methods to choose from,.. but as we all know, different situations call for different ways of training..

That's the real secret....?

Enjoy your dogs Brothers,...stay safe, regards, OldPhil.?


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5 hours ago, jackthelad said:

what u hand feed every meal?

thats what threw me, the way i read it, hand feed while training, which ive done with every dog,  dog like Buck easy anyway , so didnt need any treats  as he loves any type food lol, used give him pieces of chicken, ham, when stay, recall  training, he was natural retriever didnt need any treats . i could hand feed  is dinner if i had to , but the bonds ok with him and me, but he friendly with anybody  lol.

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18 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Make it an irresistible treat if she ain’t exactly the hungry type, not many dogs turn there nose upto a nice bit chicken, stay away from treats in bags as I found they were shit. I find it speeds things up a bit if once the dogs clicks an see’s you as the main focus, then when feeding do things like clench ye hand loosely an let dog muzzle into it to get the reward, put your hand close to your body an the other further away so the dog has to push past the first to get the second. The confidence starts ripping out of them, give it a bash an see how it goes, worst that can happen???


17 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

I just read that back,  an it makes sense to me? hopefully it makes sense to you, if not message me or hopefully @Casso will appear an explain it properly an correct me if I been doing it wrong ??

Aye that makes sense for sure thanks for the advice ? started it today went pretty well . Gona get something bit more appealing to use like.  An go somewhere with less distractions. Where we go for our daily mooches theres roe popping about all over the spot , can hardly go 100 yards without flushing one , needless to say they diverted her attention on a few occasions ?  Will take a route with less game popping about an scent , build it up from there ?

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