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Sat on a dumper in work this morning and a f****r stung me on the back of my neck😡

Big nest in the side of a hot tub 

Went out to clear a fallen tree today and had to take some webbing straps off the back of the pick up. I found 12 Queens all very still and in hibernation on and under the straps. Put them all in a bu

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I've had 3 really aggressive ones this year. One was on a roofline high up, I treated it and put stuff away, walked back to check it and they were on me 25 meters away! It was next to a school as well. I hung around for 20 mins and they were still fuming so I had to leave. All gone 3 hours later. 

Done 220 so far 

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It's strange how they change from year to year. Last year it was practically impossible to sit in the garden with a beer because there were so many. This year I literally haven't seen one wasp, but we've been inundated with horseflies instead. Nice. 

Is the decrease of one and increase of the other related?

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I must've  been the last person in the Country to realise there is a problem with petrol supplies. The van's probably got about a quart of petrol in the tank and  hasn't moved since Friday night.

Hence ; enter the Company Bicycle!

I'm limited to what gear  can be strapped to the beast and stuffed in a rucksack and I had one  job yesterday where a ladder would've  been useful . There were three nests in an awkward roof but Invention being the Mother of Frank Zappa l reached em all in the end.20210928_105727.jpg.33393b0a475e80a29fe1baa80761b6fa.jpg

Customers seem to mistakenly think l must be really fit when l turn up.

They don't see me pushing the thing up hills or notice that l'm trying to keep my balence on legs that feel like jelly.🥴


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On 28/09/2021 at 13:48, mole trapper said:

Pretty rubbish season down here, even the guys that advertise aren't really getting the calls. To be honest it's utter pants compared to 15-20  years ago down this end.

Get on, we've done at least 2000, maybe even 3000.



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