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Eight years today .......

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18 minutes ago, riohog said:

makes me want to puke fkn  tossers  

Yep, turns my fckn stomach too, all the raping torturing and butchering of white British folk going on here and these scummy c@nts want to remember a fckn black junky bast@rd from the states

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1 hour ago, socks said:

8 years ago today Lee Rigby was Murdered on our streets .... RIP soldier. 

There something about the lee rigby case that touches a nerve isn’t there , it’s very personal and intimate i just a lad in the wrong  place at the wrong time , in the sights of two f***ing animals and butchered as the single target . 

it wasn’t a mass attack or a bomb, it was an extremely violent crime committed on a lad who could have been anyone . 

what a crying shame for his family . 

im actually amazed as that ethnically diverse melting pot of Norwich is one of the last places I’d expect such rubbish from . The last black lad I seen in Norwich was ruel fox 😂😂

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7 minutes ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

I do wonder what my grandparents would have made of the current climate . 

It’s not just a different time , it’s a different planet 

thought the same tbh i`m coming out the other end of it but often wonder what the future holds for my kids n grandkids ... 

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All the white people when the blm was the next big thing protesting in this f@@ked up country no mention of this young man Lee Rigby and the way he was killed its a shame .rip young man 

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19 minutes ago, socks said:


I don’t give a f**k about anything else but that is one club that have not disgraced themselves through this whole embarrassing episode of BLM.

FairPlay to their fans and fair play to that club 

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