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Two hours’ work with the HW100KT - pleased with the result!  

Another 8 today in less than 2 hours could only retrieve 5 

Another 3 one evening last week  , followed by another 4 a few mornings later could only get to. 2 , 35 now from the one feeder since June only shoot it 2 hours a week 

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Works all year round , imo more so during summer months when natural food is a bit lean . Autumn loads of natural food , winter using stored food and spring tree buds , bird eggs , small birds and this is why I say summer can be very good for feeders 

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I have a couple set up and fill them regular with a mix of maize and peanuts and a couple of cap fulls of aniseed spiced oil don't know wether that helps but it keeps them coming in 👍.Also wiping peanut butter on the lid and front keeps them occupied.👍

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Bait all year round. I put my feeders up so I can shoot them side on, that way I can shoot them with anything, air, lr, HMR, .410, 12g, without damage to the feeder. Cover the feeder in something the squirrels can't chew, if it runs out of feed they'll try and eat their way in. Use whole wheat from Mole Valley, it's about £8 for 20kg.

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This is one of my homemade boxes which has been well used and visited 🙂   it is wrapped and stapled with wire like been said stops them trying to chew through the sides  cost me nothing except my time  which is a bonus 👍


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