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Can I or not

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Well I went up and we have decided to try and catch them with a carp landing net that I have tomorrow morning, that will be a laugh , IF. We succeed there going  into a small stable till we find a hom

Stick the video up of you catching them mate .IME usually very entertaining 🤣🤣🤣

They are treating you like that cos they think you and your mate are intruders, which I guess to them you are. Just catch them up and sell them, you will get tidy money. Not everything needs to be sho

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I've trawled the net and can't find anything about this.  The only thing is that now all care has to be tried to deter damage and other methods tried on all species .   IF .... someone complained to the rspca they might poke their noses in.  If your mate don't want them why  don't he see if he can give them to someone.   It seems a bit draconian to go out and waste them cos he don't want them.  These things mate for life. why does he want rid of them.?

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He want rid because the pond is next to his house and the noise from them is un real he has inherited them 4no and shitting all over the grazing field where the horses are ive been up there and they attack the car when I drive up 

tried to get out off the car and changed my mind 😂 they think there Rockville’s 

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44 minutes ago, Tyla said:

Get them boxed up and sold as breeding pairs. If they are old they will be tough as old boots to eat

They probably will be tough as ole boots.  I've shot Canada's out of the tail end  of a skein  and they've been inedible and ended up as dog meat.  One of my neighbours is a bloody know it all nuisance but I  don't go out and blow him away because I could.  I would imagine someone in the hoof & hound division would like them as guard  geese. Or even a note on the local neighbourhood community web page. If you splog them you still got to dispose of them.  How many are there.?

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