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40 minutes ago, TOMO said:

soon as I seen the first pics ...I thought I remember you doing that Warren last year....nice one mate

Done it twice this season  once with tbe younger dogs the picture s at the beginning about a 5 or 6 weeks  ago them about 3 weeks ago with tbe old dogs  got stopped cause the rain Screenshot_20201213-224051_Photos.jpg.e4927963fd91e3ff8da1b0a9ff860864.jpg

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We did a massive bank on the edge of an old brick pit, once. 12 ferrets, stop and long nets. After a couple of hours the ferrets were knackered, the dogs too, from running escapees across the floor of the pit. I think we ended up with around 18 rabbits, and there must have been dozens more.

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we are lucky ....or perhaps unlucky....depends on your view ..but we do a similar place ..its a hilside like that with a masive warren on we stretch about 150 yard of longnet along the top edge then a few longnets going down the middle the rest is up to the dogs there are far two many holes to purse net....its amazing how many bolt and go up hill and hit the nets on the top edge...last time we did it we hit the 50 mark....it is however very steep and hard work

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