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    • By niffkin
      Hello all,
      I wonder if any of you have had any experience with this.....
      I am in the process of renewing my FAC/SGC and as part of the process I have to write to my GP to ask him to send a medical report to Kent Firearms dept.
      I have written to my GP twice now using the generic letter that is enclosed with my FAC application form.
      I have no problem paying for the report but when a invoice landed through my letterbox for £128 ! I was shocked to say the least. I presume as soon as I make payment then the medical practice will send my report of to the FAC dept. 
      What are your thoughts ?
    • By lurch46
      ok guys I have a question I'm going threw a separation and wife having house I will be going back to my parents the question is that it ok to move my gun cabinet  there and let fire arms know or does my parents have to have a liecsnse too cheers.
    • Guest vin
      By Guest vin
      Hello, Chaps.
       I have been told by the landowners and keepers where I do most of my Pest Control etc. I need to get my FAC to go forward into the future.
      I have permissions to shoot on various land, But I'm a traditionalist and prefer to work the ferrets and dogs etc. ( I remove thousands per year ). I do pest control for a living and I am fully insured, qualified etc in all these departments. I recently went on a job to shoot some rabbits with a gentleman I know and he used his 17 HMR, I will never use a Rapid 7 again.lol. 
      The time has now come for me to take the next step and get my FAC. I intend to go for a 22 Rimmy and 1st of all a 17 HMR.
      This is the bit I'm sort of stuck on etc.... I do not want to join some local gun club and spend all my time shooting at targets on a range with posh people talking about facts and figures. I fully understand the need for knowledge and competency, safety etc. But I have no time for new friends and social circles in my life at the moment.
      IS there anyone local to me who would be kind enough to offer me some guidance and mentorship through the process of getting all my paperwork and equipment sorted etc. In return, I will make it worth your while either financially or with some sport on my land with me etc. I'm in Rotherham S.yorks. I have access to land local, but my main bulks of permissions are on the Yorkshire Dales.
       Kindest of regards
    • By Peadair
      Hello. I will soon be moving to France and hope somebody will know whether I can buy guns from UK dealers and have them sent. I don't have a FAC and doesn't look like I will have time to get one before I go. I will have a shooting license and a hunting license when I'm in France. Any info be greatly appreciated.
    • By David Aiken
      The Birthday present has arrived and its perfect Plano Gun Guard SE Series Contour Single Scoped Rifle Case
      eBay item number: 281064365878 Just need the FAC to turn up so I can pick up my Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole .22LR. Oh come on Kent Police FAC Office!
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