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  1. I think it is only some counties that ask you to do this now, I did not have to to do this on my previous FAC renewal.
  2. That's what i thought, I have tried to contact my FAO I will try again tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone had encountered this problem before
  3. Hello all, I wonder if any of you have had any experience with this..... I am in the process of renewing my FAC/SGC and as part of the process I have to write to my GP to ask him to send a medical report to Kent Firearms dept. I have written to my GP twice now using the generic letter that is enclosed with my FAC application form. I have no problem paying for the report but when a invoice landed through my letterbox for £128 ! I was shocked to say the least. I presume as soon as I make payment then the medical practice will send my report of to the FAC dept. Wh
  4. I agree with the other guys, great little gun, Cheap to buy and built like a tank. Enjoy !
  5. Hey Mike, Unfortunately i am in Kent but thank you for the kind offer and advice. Happy shooting Nick
  6. Hi I am thinking about buying either a Kahles Cbx 2 - 12 x 56 or a Swarovski Z4i 2.5 - 10 x 56 scope. I wondered if any one had either of these scopes and their opinions on either one / I have nt had the chance to see either one as yet and i know it could be down to personal preference to which one wins it. I think i am right in saying that they are mad in the same factory as Swarovski but is there much difference in quality or performance or would i be paying that little bit extra for the Swarovski name! Nick
  7. Evening all ! I have a 17hmr and am looking to replace my scope with a better quality one possibly a kahles if schmidt. I do a lot of lamping so i want something that sucks as much light in as possible so a 50 or 56 scope. My question is should i go for a variable scope or a fixed ? i have always have variable in the past just curious to what you guys think or can suggest. Many thanks, Nick
  8. Thanks Tegater, Thats interesting what you said, what i dont understand is why removing the moderator effects the rounds zero as the round has no contact with the moderator !
  9. Hi All. I have a 17hmr, last night i turned up at the farm where i shoot and saw a Rabbit as soon as i arrived, i quickly loaded my gun , I did not bother to fit the moderator due to time and i was nt shooting and i did nt intend to shoot in that pert of the farm so was not worried about noise. I took aim and pulled the trigger but just missed the rabbit, I thought this may be due to excess oil in the barrel from cleaning. My friend tells me its because i did not have the moderator fitted to the gun,( my rifle was zeroed with moderator fitted) my question is does a moderator e
  10. Hello I have no idea BUT the chap who own gun runner is a firearms courier service who specialises in exactly what you are trying to do. GunRunner is a Firearms Courier Service, based in South-East England, and primarily working with London’s airports. The main aim of GunRunner is to provide a service to hunters and shooters who are either visiting the UK for a shooting vacation, or transiting through the UK on their way to or from another corner of the globe. With over twenty five years of experience at the forefront of the British Sporting Gun trade, during which time I hav
  11. Hey. Mcmillan do a stock for sako its called the Rimfire magnum varmint http://www.mcmfamily.com/mcmillan-stocks-hunting-stock-list.php?subnav=branch2f But this will not be cheap and there is a wiating list between 4 - 6 months. Manners stocks are worth checking out but again probably not cheap. you could contact rimfire magic and see if they have any suggestions of a guy called Steve kershaw who is very helpful http://www.stevekershawfirearms.co.uk/ Good luck my friend
  12. My FAO didnt like the fact that I wanted to store 1000 rounds so he let me store 750 and buy 500.
  13. I used to have a ASE Utra on my HMR, great silencer very quiet, a pain to clean and heavy but very robust. I exchanged the ASE utra for a wildcat whisper about £120 which is a a very similar design to the DM80 an over the barrel design light weight and very easy to clean. To conclude, very pleased with the whisper
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