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  1. They said it was an all in one injection for distemper and rabies
  2. Is it necessary for ferrets to have there injections I have 3 and it’s going to cost me 160 pound for the first course and then I have to pay another 160 for a second. I don’t work them I just have them for when I kill pigeons and rabbits so the kill doesn’t go to waste.
  3. I’ve got a 8 week old male ferret and I’m going to have him castrated, will he be allowed to be in my cage with my hob who’s intact. It’s a big cage and there’s a Jill in there too. If I can’t keep him in there will he be able to stay in there for a while until I get a new cage
  4. I’ve been thinking of getting a gun license, my criminal record and mental health record are clean, but my mother(the house I want to keep the gun) has a criminal record from 20 years ago, will this effect my application
  5. I put my gill with a hob on the 22 of March and she was with him for 7 days with swollen vagina, she’s in her own cage now and she’s hiding food and when I go to get it because I don’t want it to rot she bites my hand and fingers, her vulva has also shrunk and gone all wrinkly, sometimes she makes a small nest but then she just burrows under neath the paper I have in there. Is she pregnant?? It’s been 13 days since I put her with the hob
  6. Anyone in Swansea got a hob that can take my Jill out of season, Jill jab by me cost 175 pound
  7. thankyou for your advice I’ll give her 2 weeks and if her vulva doesn’t go down I’ll have her Jill jabbed
  8. I have a male and female that I want to breed, the thing is the male is much smaller than the female, when I see him trying to mount her his penis is basically hitting her back and she just throws him off. How long should I let him continue to try and get her pregnant until I need to have her taken to get a Jill jab because I know leaving her in season is bad for her health
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