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Beddlington x patterdale

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If a patterdale is lacking that much to make ye think  adding Bedlington is gonna make em better terriers then you've a fcukin screw loose or your related to morton. 

A dog is a dog... If it does the job, then it don't matter whats in em? There's been all sorts added to all the working terrier strains over the yrs....to improve  Colour, coat, conformation and

Think that is a very true comment blackmag, iv said over and over again lads want different things from there terriers ones mans cull will be one mans pot of gold. Different land different type of ear

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1 hour ago, stop.end said:

Lol.. What's wrong son you bitter that when you kept asking to buy terriers you were told to f**k off.... Another man who crosses terriers he knows fk all about into his own stuff and calls it an out cross lol.. Clown. ??

Didn't you put blacks into your whites? ?

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I won’t repeat our conversation Mark you have enough enemies it seems, forgive me if I never heard you telling me to f**k off!!!  I thought you was offering me the pup so I said I’ll pay you for it. I see why your not taken serious on here, don’t take it out on me please. ?

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You must have hit a nerve the other day with benchpress billy Fd I thought it was the buckfast talking but clearly not. If he ever told me to Fock off I’ll snap his jaw, but he’s a typical shithouse he thinks we’ll never meet, we won’t hear from him for a while as usual, maybe when he gets out again with his pics of thumbs ups, hugs and high 5’s ffs. ????

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