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The two we kept


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We've just raised a litter here out of my Patxspringer bitch, put my wife's old whippetxrussell dog over her and she had 8 pups. All were spoken for by friends straight away but we kept two back. I'm

A bit of an update on the pups. My wife's is doing good as a yard dog and catches bits and pieces round the stables but isn't actively worked which is a pity. She keeps busy though and gets stuck

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Love litters like this......make great little workers.

Look forward to seeing pics when there a year old.

On 20/04/2020 at 23:14, SheepChaser said:

Had a truck down south today to crutch a few sheep and pick up this wee one. An absolute belter of a pup, every credit to the breeders, well reared, confident and happy, has been riding around all day with me in the truck and is just an easy going pup. Couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to add her to the team next season.




That looks so similar to my springer lurcher/ splurcher.....not just the markings,  the way its looking at.....seems well balanced.

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Annoyingly it wont let me upload any more pics. 

We had a walk out yesterday with Sheepchaser and his pup. Nice to see the pup again and have a catch up.

The whippet has come through strong in these considering they only have a 1/4. 

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Pups are coming on now. Seeing a bit of unintentional action thanks to their mum. I took mine on a canoeing and camping trip over the weekend and she took to it like a pro. Couldn't quite retrieve the catapulted pigeon but had a go




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24 minutes ago, Balaur said:

How are these coming on tyla, much difference between the two you kept?

The two we kept are similar size, as are the other bitches, but the dog pups are enormous!

Both ours are coming on well, mine gets more chances work wise as Amy's is usually out with her on the horse where bushing is not encouraged! It's mad keen though and catches bits and pieces anyway. Mines been in a few sticky situations thanks to her mother but has handled it well and not been put off. I'd like to get them amongst a few rats soon. I thought they'd find some around the yard but their mum is so fast they don't get a look in lol.

Jai's one seems like shes coming on well too. I will be down to see how she's getting on soon as i can.

Had one of the dog pups brought back over the weekend but rehomed him straight away easy as got people who missed out on pups to start with. 

I will try take some pictures at some point

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