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Fox numbers ireland ?

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2 hours ago, Dougal McGuire said:

We shot 5 on monday morning that doesnt happen that often. if you get one it a good night. That shooting 40 in few days is load bollox

You and the likes are bad news for everyone who’s into hunting. Bitter. I’ve never understood why a hunting lad can feel so pissed by others out hunting with their dogs, they usually want everything to themselves. Fact is the population is down like you say. a rifle man can take a lot of foxes, one man with one gun, which is very common place. Now a fox pack can take good numbers up to 100 a season but there’s not many fox packs doing the job and doing it well, so there’s no comparison when it comes to who’s causing the damage to the population. The cover lads have been at that craic for many more years than the night vision lads as you said, and like everyone was saying foxes where more abundant back then, so that tells you once the rifle boys came it had a big impact on numbers. 

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If only we could have shown people what they were encouraging when they wanted hunting banned- aif foxes could vote they would choose to keep hunting!!

Already have your picture Dougal.  

This always makes me wonder - what is the point? Shooting foxes with thermal and nv is easy, no real sport, and if it’s poaching it’s Not pest control .... so what’s the compulsion? Genuinel

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45 minutes ago, tinytiger said:

They like being wankers, fella near me ,a pure mong with a rifle does be commenting on sab pages condemning hound work and saying how great and humane he is.

One lad round here that does be on the rifle started telling me how dogs are the height of cruelty. Not a lot said about the fox that is clipped and dies from infection... 

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3 hours ago, Dougal McGuire said:

 I do a bit of everything mostly ferreting with lurchers. Most the shooting on ground you cant dig, we like dropping a terrier to if the weather right

You just condemned dog men in particular you belittled terrierwork yet now your trying to back track and tell us your into the dogs . “A JACK OF ALL TRADES BUT A MASTER OF NONE”

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23 minutes ago, sionnach99 said:

One lad round here that does be on the rifle started telling me how dogs are the height of cruelty. Not a lot said about the fox that is clipped and dies from infection... 

Speaking of clipping u should of a good fecker round his lughole 

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12 minutes ago, Black neck said:

Well it teks all sorts brother 

But he does be shooting all the foxes 


I can talk irish now ?

An mhaith, a dreathair muineal dubh.

Ní raibh afhios ám go raibh an teanga gaeilge ád.  

Fair play duit 

Atb j 

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5 hours ago, Dougal McGuire said:

The same bullshit yous are spouting about rifle men damaging the numbers well terriermen said the same for last 20 years about covermen

 What type of terrier men would they be because you’ve got me confused now. I’ve been at this game well over 20 years and I’ve never once heard a terrierman blame cover men for a decline in their digging.

most digging lads that want plenty of foxes for their terrier usually hunt with a pack be it big or small. 

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2 hours ago, sionnach99 said:

What part of the country are you hunting in? The hounds are good sport. What type hounds do you keep? 

I’m in the north sionnach, hounds aren’t mine but there are a couple of harriers and a couple of foxhounds and few crosses of both, decent little pack the lad has going. 

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