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7 hours ago, Arry said:

Thats what I was wondering Socks its the guy first and only post so far.


he must have survived the encounter long enough to post the picture...😂

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I’ve pulled the head clean off to a few cougars in the woods myself so just count your blessings that’s all your footage captured or you’d have twenty mins of my misses whinging “it’s cold “  , stamping her feet and smoking  before  thirty five seconds of world class action prior to leaving her looking like a white walker as I try to find where I’ve dropped my phone . 

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Well David there is a few on here would have liked it if it was in the UK, me included. It creates a lot on debate on here about big cats in the UK some friendly batter some not so friendly. But welcome and thanks for sharing.

Greyman would like to here from you I'm sure.

Cheers Arry

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36 minutes ago, David Bradford said:

I am from the States, wrote the UK because I was too lazy to write the full name.

I reckon you're in Germany.

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1 hour ago, David Bradford said:


And yes, this shit still runs through the woods, I found the body of a dead cat near the hut. I think this cat did it.

You had me all excited for a bit there mate glad you came back though, one of the things I look for in areas of the uk said to be inhabited by cats is the local pet search websites as cats seem to disappear in bigger numbers than would be considered normal bigger cats love smaller cats as food so yes he probably was responsible,  if you find any suspected prey items or pug marks  I would be grateful if you could stick a couple of pics up cheers 👍👍

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Stupid yank big cats, you can keep your vast open spaces,amazing wildlife and and guns atleast our big cats are smart enough to stay away from cameras

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