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  1. David Bradford

    Wtf is this

    And yes, this shit still runs through the woods, I found the body of a dead cat near the hut. I think this cat did it.
  2. David Bradford

    Wtf is this

    I just want to know what it is, so I went to a random hunting forum.
  3. David Bradford

    Wtf is this

    How did I make such a text? Lol
  4. David Bradford

    Wtf is this

    I am from the States, wrote the UK because I was too lazy to write the full name.
  5. David Bradford

    Wtf is this

    Damn what the f**k is this, my camera noticed it in the forest near my hut, who can explain what kind of f***ing is this? I recently walked through the woods and saw such garbage, I thought it seemed to me, but it seems that it is not. I'm now f***ing afraid to go there. My wife says I'm a dickhead. This asshole in the bottom left corner.