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Airarms s410 carbine or bsa scorpion t10 tactical

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Cant speak for the scorpion personally as ive not owned one but my s410f classic multi was as accurate as they come pal. Really sweet to shoot. The only thing for me was it was a bit lanky but that suots some people?

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BSA Scorpion T10 are very nice and very accurate , at the time it was the bigger brother of BSA Ultra  which gave you more shots

You can reg these guns very easy and will be up there with most PCP's , just like the Ultra 

If the s400 is single shot you can get a kit to  turn it into multi shot (10 shot) 

The only thing the barrels  can have bad rust pitting and are very thin on s400 and s410

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Scorpion over s410k but not s410classic. s410classic over r10 had a scorpion off Mac few years ago shot spot on had s410 at the same time scorpion shot better I've had 3 r10 a mk1 was useless mk2 .22 was inconsistent and a .177 supercarbine one that shot quite well I'd go for an s200 will h custom cylinder with gauge in and 10 shot kit on them little guns are always on my top 3 i love the s200 for the money you can get them at you'll get a full kit for scorpion or s400/410 gun and scope money

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Think the AA 400 series is like the Morris minor of air guns you can get better,faster and more impressive, but if you just want a gun you can take out the cupboard put some air in and go shooting with no drama the 400,S win hands down, I,ve owned one for years, stuck an odd O ring in for penny,s and it’s never not been spot on even after a year or more in the cupboard ??

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The 410 and the Scorpion have many followers so it is down to what feels right to you. I have not owned either but have shot both on a few occasions and whilst the 410 is a lovely gun, I far prefer the handling of the Scorpion. As Mitch said, you can get a reg for the Scorpion and then you really move up a gear. I know the 410 is a very difficult to have a reg fitted from what I have been told and not a job to undertake at home.

If you prefer side lever cocking then as Si said the 510 is superb, no side lever cocking with any BSA.

Good luck


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