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First pigeon hunt / protecting your dogs hearing

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Just been out for my first experiance pigeon shooting with a shooting friend of mine,  had an awesome evening although I’m told it was a quiet one! And definitely got the bug.

Got me wondering though, what are people’s experiences with their gun dogs and long term exposure to the noise.  Have any of you more experienced hunters seen any effects of this or found a way to protect their canine partners whilst on the shoot? 

Looking forward to hearing some experiences from folks. 




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There's no way that any of the dogs that I had would have kept ear defenders on. Never heard or seen anything like it. One of the labs used to stand behind me on the opposite side to the gun. strangely none of the dogs that I have had have gone noticeably  deaf other than selective deafness. They went deaf until a biscuit packet was russled. They could all hear this 50 paces away. Another angle about this is the fact that most dogs don't last past 10 years in the field before they are retired. 

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      Morning all
        Apologies if this has been covered previously, I have obviously missed it if it has been.
         I would just like to ask if anyone has given the A-TEC shot gun silencer a real test on the pigeons ( Full day). If you have can you let me know how it effected your shooting, if at all, or did you get to grips with it quite quick. I would be looking to use standard 32g no6 loads.
        The permission we currently shoot is shrinking rapidly due to new housing estates popping up so I am looking at all options with a view to upsetting as few people as possible. I would also be looking to use on Geese if they are OK , and I am aware that they recommend a max load of 43g through the A-TEC.
          Thanks in advance
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      Hello, I've recently moved to the Norfolk area and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to getting permission to shoot on some local landowners land. I'm from and currently serve in the british army and know how to shoot well with my own kit. I do have some hunting experience and i'm also a BASC member to which comes with insurance. Any help would be appreciated.  
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      The sheriff says anytime you need advice on safety just give him a ring.If that goes off he,l need a new ring for sure

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      Here is the news we been waiting for according to BASC 

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      Went to a friends place in Pwllheli ,for a camping weekend and as a nice freeby was invited to 2 hours shooting on a field of flattened barley.Well started with a recon and 5 pigeons and 30plus jackdaws were in and out of this corner patch so we sussed a place for the hide and agreed 4pm start.
      Trouble is a working farmer doesnt do time so we started at 4.30 ,set up the deeks into the wind and got the hide <landrover tarp> up in a gorse hedge and waited .Well bloomin birds wouldnt play at all ,we could hear the Jackdaws to our left and the odd high high flyer went over ignoring the deeks so out came the flask ,that did a trick.
      Up the hill comes a lone bird down he went first shot a lone Jackdaw so no blank here thankfully.Ten minutes later a skinny squab of a pigeon starts swooping over the deeks and he got to join the Jackdaw .Despite the extra 2 decoys nothing else showed before we reluctantly packed away but at least the ferret got fed that night and a grand job he made off his free tea .
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