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Found 30 results

  1. Morning all Apologies if this has been covered previously, I have obviously missed it if it has been. I would just like to ask if anyone has given the A-TEC shot gun silencer a real test on the pigeons ( Full day). If you have can you let me know how it effected your shooting, if at all, or did you get to grips with it quite quick. I would be looking to use standard 32g no6 loads. The permission we currently shoot is shrinking rapidly due to new housing estates popping up so I am looking at all options with a view to upsetting as few people as possible. I would also be looking to use on Geese if they are OK , and I am aware that they recommend a max load of 43g through the A-TEC. Thanks in advance David
  2. Hello, I've recently moved to the Norfolk area and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to getting permission to shoot on some local landowners land. I'm from and currently serve in the british army and know how to shoot well with my own kit. I do have some hunting experience and i'm also a BASC member to which comes with insurance. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. The sheriff says anytime you need advice on safety just give him a ring.If that goes off he,l need a new ring for sure
  4. Just been out for my first experiance pigeon shooting with a shooting friend of mine, had an awesome evening although I’m told it was a quiet one! And definitely got the bug. Got me wondering though, what are people’s experiences with their gun dogs and long term exposure to the noise. Have any of you more experienced hunters seen any effects of this or found a way to protect their canine partners whilst on the shoot? Looking forward to hearing some experiences from folks. Cheers
  5. Went to a friends place in Pwllheli ,for a camping weekend and as a nice freeby was invited to 2 hours shooting on a field of flattened barley.Well started with a recon and 5 pigeons and 30plus jackdaws were in and out of this corner patch so we sussed a place for the hide and agreed 4pm start. Trouble is a working farmer doesnt do time so we started at 4.30 ,set up the deeks into the wind and got the hide <landrover tarp> up in a gorse hedge and waited .Well bloomin birds wouldnt play at all ,we could hear the Jackdaws to our left and the odd high high flyer went over ignoring the deeks so out came the flask ,that did a trick. Up the hill comes a lone bird down he went first shot a lone Jackdaw so no blank here thankfully.Ten minutes later a skinny squab of a pigeon starts swooping over the deeks and he got to join the Jackdaw .Despite the extra 2 decoys nothing else showed before we reluctantly packed away but at least the ferret got fed that night and a grand job he made off his free tea .
  6. His all, please can someone tell me the best way to get permission to shoot on a farmers land. Thanks
  7. Hi, My mate and I would like to try pigeon shooting. We are both over 40 and live in Monmouthshire. Would anyone be willing to show us how it's done. Sorry but we don't have our own land.
  8. It's got to that time when I need to buy some more cartridges, i was just interested to see what everyone's suggestions were for an economical cartridge for walking around doing some rough shooting (not "game", just vermin). I've been using Hull superfast but i'm up for a change. I would like to try some of "Proper cartridges" cartridges but where i am it's very hard to get hold of them... I know this will cause a lot of discussion but you don't learn by not asking questions... Cheers - Max
  9. So the other day, my friend at how to hunting invites me to this farmers land to make a dent in his ferrel pigeon population, 100 or more he said! well i jumped at the chance. We set off on a winters snowy day at about 3 so we could catch light and we set up in no less than an hour. Camp soon got dark and we found the torches and nitesite very useful at this point, we set up our 177 and 22 and got popping!! we collected 40 head or so in the first 3 hours!! We hadnt had a day like this in a long time... as we reloaded we noticed that our food was missing we had brought, following a small, insignificant trail off wrapper and crumbs/seeds (Seaded bread) we got to a small rat hole, we moved camp and unfortunatly only got 4 head of rat, not something id call quarry but we helped i guess... the best part about that day was that in the shed was a mirror diagnal to a pigeon, my friend said shoot right to hit the buggar! i swung left and hit the bird with a perfect neck shot! i learnt on that trip look at your surroundings before setting up and that moving position wont always make a better shoot Ferrel Pigeon head: 56 Rat head: 4 If anyone has any interesting anecdotes on Hunting experiences please feel free to send them! id love to read them:) How to hunting team!
  10. GOLD! We hit gold on the 28th of March when a local farmer asked for our assistance in denting the population of a derelict shed and derelict house filled with ferells, so we walked the quarter of a mile road from the gate we pulled up at to our destination, 4 guns out of the 6 ready huntsmen, our thoughts were 2 guns can lead one side of the shed and 1 gun in the shed and 1 gun on the other side of a smaller open plan, all shooting north for safety in a (more or less) straight line, radios and signal calls learnt for contact with a 5 minute break to pick up and talk between, on this days shoot. The day begins... Open the bag and spread the decoys out, loaded the S410 air arms and set up a hide (using mesh and wood) in the corner of a former cattle shed or hay stack yard (former use is unknown) and things start well! When they land we pick a few off at a time. After an unspecified, good amount of hours it starts to sunset, so we wonder over in hope to the derelict house. I walk through an open doorway to a ruined kitchen, I open a hatch lock door and from diagonal to the rooms diagonal is a doorway looking straight into 2 ferels! I shout over the other team and in disbelief we'd get anything here and I take the shot... A PERFECT heart shot! "Thats another on the head count" we geer as we check the rest of the rooms, but nothing in this section, safely we make our way round to the next section. As we cant risk walking up the stairs we check the shattered windows with the scope and scan from room to room on the outside. We spot a little nest. 2 ferels and a magazine of 4 shots on an angle, unsure of the accuracy i will get, I take the shot as there isn't room for another gun... Thats 2 more for the head count using 3 pellets. 1 miss and 2 almost perfect hits. We go inside to collect and venture round the other side where there's an old shed (former cattle/pig/sheep) shack, sneekily we move around and use our binoculars to look for holes in the roofing that the targets of this operation, could fly through, I reload the magazine and find a high point to watch the hole with my scope, the 2 team members without guns, prepare bush beating methods to scare the pigeons out on a hop me and another member would be able to hit anything, another gun at a different vantage point scoping the same hole. and the last 2 guns stepped out of this one to have a look in the wooded area, in agreement nothing will be shot from this operation. We waited a good 20 mins for the shack to settle and then found ourselves seeing 30 to 40 pigeons moving in and out of this hole! This was important as we wanted to break our recent record this year, we wanted this more than we thought I supposed, so we took our time. The beaters cued with whistles that they were about to start, they clapped and banged the corrigated metal, threw small pebbles and brick shards in the shed and shouted "OY OY OY!". When they began we steadied our scopes and in canon the other gun went first, while he cocked his I took my shot... MISS! In such a confined area I had hit a tile, and then again... MISS! my awful shooting wasn't helping our target (to beat our year record) and another... FINALLY A HIT! 1 fell while the other hunters pigeons fell every time, I started to get my game on and I left that operation with 29 head and he left with 30 head. We couldnt wait to tell the other 2 guns, as they had wasted their time looking over the tree tops in a hide hoping for a near by landing. When added to the head count we set a new year record. Pleased, the 6 of us walked away as a team. The farmer was very grateful, If you'd like our support contact our team by youtube at "How-to-hunting" and filtering to channels (as this isnt a big channel but we just put general support and "how to" videos or by this hunting forum. We're always happy to help the community. Thankyou for reading.
  11. I really would appreciate it if anyone has any land around Lincolnshire (I'm in the Bourne area) that I can do some decoying on. Thanks everyone. I have a shotgun cert and experience in pigeon shooting, I also pick up cartridges !. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, After many of months/years trying to get permission for shooting and failing, every farm owner I ask already either rents the land out or has a friend shooting on the land. PLEASE has anyone got some pigeon shooting in Cheshire/North West for me? Pick up ALL spent cartridges and will not trample crops. Full shotgun licence can be shown on request. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME AND GET IN TOUCH!! Thanks, Jake.
  13. As I said above I have trouble knowing the range of my shotgun ,45% of shots I don"t take is because I am not sure, The other 55% is because I sort of freeze I will aim and follow but don"t take the shot ,TIPS PLEASE?
  14. Hi I'm new to this site and this sport I have already shot a few pigeons and would like to know the best way to breast them?
  15. Has anyone used the English Oak clear view netting by Jack Pyke? Would you recommend this or stick to traditional camo net? The net looks very transparent, but if placed in front of trees should give good screening.Ed
  16. Hi does anyone have any shooting permissions in South Wales, I have been shooting for a few years but have never had many places to shoot and am new to Cardiff moving up here from cornwall. If you have a farm or know of a farmer who wouldn't mind someone just sitting in a field decoying some pigeons could you post yours or there contact info. Thanks any help would be appreciated.
  17. What fields decoy best this time of year and is it worth me doing it???
  18. Just wondering if any chaps on here would be interested in Trading some Pigeon Shooting For some Bass & Bream Fishing, heading out from Christchurch in Dorset http://www.adaytotrade.com/days/109/bream-amp-bass-fishing-from-christchurch-dorset/
  19. You will not need a shotgun certificate, if your friend is with you and he currently holds a in date shotgun certificate! Tom
  20. I got the sam neyt crow caller from www.lakesidecalls.co.uk a few days ago, still practicing with it before i can us it out in the field, but if it sounds anything like the video it sound be great calling them in,
  21. Our business is primarily shooting high volumn doves but we've been shooting pigeons over decoys the last couple of years. Now I'm addicted! I prefer it to shooting doves! Anyone else had experience shooting in Argentina? The attached photo is the property of Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici, an amazing Argentine photographer. Please do not copy or use without express written permission of the photographer.
  22. Hi all, I took 2 mates of mine along with Tony (Weekendrifle) of this forum, We all met at my house at 0700 just a 10 minute drive to the field. We arrived shortly after got set up in the field with the wind blowing at 16-20MPH, excellent for pigeon shooting, no sooner had we completed setting out the decoys and the spinner the Pigeons started coming. The day before i had seen about 2000 Pigeons on this field without a word of a lie, they started coming in numbers about 10 or 12. after half an hour Tony and i were building a nice little bag, Tony being new to shooting over decoys was slow to pick up but improved as the day went on. After a short while one of my mates had to go, leaving Tony, Alan W and myself Trevor my mate had only got 3 which he brought to us. we had a bit of a lul around 11.30 to 1300 but still getting the occasional bird, the birds were nothing like the numbers I'd seen the day before but this was soon to be explained. at 1400hrs i received a call from another shooter Kieth who shoots for the same company we shoot for, he said your shooting ont stubble are;nt you and i said yes were are you he was on his way down the M62, i said how the hell do you know anyway he replied Ive got my spy's out it was Andy one of the other shooters he was watching us from the very far end of the field with his Binoes. K Kieth asked how we were doing and at that time we had about 70 between us, i said to Kieth i can't understand it as there was 2000 Pigeons in this field yesterday he said i know Andy shot it yesterday afternoon and got 168 up to dusk, There's the answer i said. We continued until i had run out of shells as i had not time to restock the day before i had given Tony 50 of mine leaving me with only 100 for myself. i rung Alan we then packed up, we did a body count and me and Tony between us had 70 + 1 Crow that i got Trev left us 3 making 73, Alan joined us he had 22 + lost 5 in the trees and brambles behind him making a grand total of a 100 + the Crow not a bad session me thinks, Alan wouldn't get his bag out to put in the pile for the Video as they were packed away in the Car, a long Video to follow but all action will stream it ASAP, Should be on tomorrow: Dave http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2Qgs8_aqbg
  23. As the title suggests this was an arrangement to meet up with Tony (aka Weekendrifle a member off THL but he is mainly into air rifle shooting. I answered a post of Tony's asking for some assistance with his permission but offered to take him with us on all my permissions, i had arranged with Tony that i would meet up with him on the Tues 02.0812 which turned out to be 4 days after i ended up in hospital with Pulmonary Embolisms, Tony was informed of my problem and from that day whilst in Hospital Tony text me almost every day, This was from a lad that i had never met, i knew from the offset that he was a good un just from his initial post. Alan W and myself arranged to take Tony on one of my permissions near were he lives last Monday to do some Rabbiting. Tony met up with us as arranged but sadly had to leave, he was asked to return to the Barracks, Tony's in the Army and as just got back from Afghanistan. Anyway as he left i made arrangements to ring him and arrange another meet up which was Yesterday, me and my 2 mates Alan W and Alan B took him pigeon shooting, there weren't many about but he managed to get one we all ended up with some shooting but did not get many. it was more to get to know him and he turned out to be a grand lad friendly likes a joke very easy to get on with as all of us are. He loved the day so much we are going out again on Wednesday all of us weather permitting, sorry i did not get any footage as it was more of an introduction for him, we will be going on a stubble field that i know as quite a few Pigeons on so i should get some video done, Tony is hooked and now says he'll apply for a SGC Till next time : Dave
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