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  1. Excuse my ignorance are we talking over ear peltor type things or some sort of in ear dampener ?
  2. Just been out for my first experiance pigeon shooting with a shooting friend of mine, had an awesome evening although I’m told it was a quiet one! And definitely got the bug. Got me wondering though, what are people’s experiences with their gun dogs and long term exposure to the noise. Have any of you more experienced hunters seen any effects of this or found a way to protect their canine partners whilst on the shoot? Looking forward to hearing some experiences from folks. Cheers
  3. Good Morning Folks, Brand new member from the very margins of the North Yorkshire moors, Long time shooter of .22 rf target rifles at a county/national level and new starter in the world of sporting and game shooting both center fire and shotgun. This morning finds me sat out in a hide with a shooting friend of mine scoping out a few areas for some potential pigeon/fox shooting spots and watching the golden sun rise over the sea. I look forward to some good discussions and drawing on your collective knowledge in all things shooting.
  4. Evening folks, long time target rifle shooter at county level and just getting into Both sporting and game shooting with shotguns. Whilst trawling the second hand racks of the local dealers came across this beauty and snapped it up as it was in good condition and I thought perfect as a mixed gun for a little pigeon shooting and clays here and there. Thing is the shop owner and his gunsmith had no idea what maker it was and the previous seller had called it a “finito” which was actually the final proof mark from the Italian proof house. So it’s down on my certificate as an unknow
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