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  1. Morning all Apologies if this has been covered previously, I have obviously missed it if it has been. I would just like to ask if anyone has given the A-TEC shot gun silencer a real test on the pigeons ( Full day). If you have can you let me know how it effected your shooting, if at all, or did you get to grips with it quite quick. I would be looking to use standard 32g no6 loads. The permission we currently shoot is shrinking rapidly due to new housing estates popping up so I am looking at all options with a view to upsetting as few people as possible. I would als
  2. No there perfectly legal, providing the carcasses you use do not belong to any livestock.
  3. Right, that makes perfect sense as they are stinking. I actually thought (wrongly ) that the putrid smell would be part of the attraction. Thanks for your input. Davy
  4. Thanks for the reply. I aware of the codes of best practice with regards to the setting of snares as it formed the most part of the accreditation course that I had to attend in order to gain my licence. What I was hoping for was that someone on here may have had similar issues and if so, what did they do to resolve! It looks to me that working middens in the summer months is a waste of time, unless someone tells me different. Thanks Davy
  5. Looking for help/guidance. Is it worthwhile using middens in the summer? Have been using 4 middens over the past few weeks, yet have not seen any activity. The shoot I am affiliated to is a huge area of moorland and woodland, and I know there is foxes in the area. Strangely enough there are also a few dead sheep in the area that have been lying for a few weeks that have never been touched either!! Just for info, the middens are baited with everything from rabbits, pigeons, deer carcass, rats, and loads of trout. Any info would be appreciated. Ta
  6. All I can vouch for the quality of the sire and dam of these pups ( for what it's worth) as I have seen them work on many occasions. Both dogs and seller are genuine, hence the reason one of these pups is coming up to Scotland. Cheers Davy
  7. Worth looking at a golf trolley, you can get your decoy bag on it along with your poles ect, and if you strap it all on with bungee cords then you can usually drag it across most fields without too much effort.
  8. Evening, Apologies if this has been covered on a previously. Can someone confirm as to whether the law against the setting of rabbit snares in Scotland has been introduced? I was led to believe that this would be introduced as of April 2013. I am well aware that before this you were only allowed to set rabbit snares in Scotland providing they had a deer stop. Hope someone can advise. Cheers
  9. seen a few pics of pups from hecter... they all look a really nice stamp!! what do they work like?? if you came over here could he take a fox or 2?? I reckon he would jack if you run him mainly on fox old school.He is not a bad pot filler though run him on some shit ground and don,t suffer many injuries zx12edge, Looks like he will be out of the same litter as my dog Till, her picture is on the Hancock web site ( standing on rock). With regards to fox, never been tried on one but don't think she would fancy it, handy enough on rabbit, hare,squirrel. She also ran down a roe how
  10. Was caught ferreting many years ago by plod and the keeper, we had only just started and only had the one rabbit, Cops were all for asking us to feck off however the keeper was adamant that he wanted us charged......... twat, Citation came through post stating that we were in "pursuit of game" and we had to appear in court. Got lawyer involved as I thought I could get stitched up on a trumped up "game" charge. Had to attend court on 3 occasions as we were pleading not guilty, On our final appearance my lawyer stood up and stated that we were not "pursuing game" we were hunti
  11. Hi zx12edge I note that the black dog is from Hector X Queenie...... nice dog......... what age is it?? Only reason I ask is that I have a bitch out of the same pairing..... she will be 4 in August. she can be seen Hancocks website, goes by the name of Tilly.
  12. Evening all Just thought I would introduce myself, I am from Stirling area, and since I was a young kid I have always been interested in hunting. I grew up with ferrets and and an old double barrel Spanish 410 before progressing onto a 12 bore when I was 17. ( and 17 wasn't yesterday) My preference is for rough shooting, and I am accompanied by my first cross lurcher ( collie / greyhound). Cheers for now.
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