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scottish hare hunter

Couple of My Wheaton x

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scotthunter I know the breeding of thy animal very well ,he was bred from my own stock ,the reason I mentioned breed the Wheaton from him ,his because the animal his what he his because of his sires lineage and ability ,his dam although not a bad animal was not in the same calibre end off Ipassed her on she were not good enough fa me at that time ,ok fa some one else with less work load .i know his breeding fa a good few generations ,the only thing I see from his dam his the colour and rough coat . The phenotype of his sire.i bet he kills effortlessly like him also  his sire was a producer and bred to be a producer ,   I also bred him.        plus he was a top single dog  on anything. I I  believe this I would not worry on his breeding if he does the job totally irrelevant .one needs to find if he can produce himself at the very least ,spending by your words and my knowledge of others his sire was a very good producer. I have my reasons to not wish to divulge all my info on him ,torts just say the pictures his now crystal clear. And answered a few questions I could not clear up atb Bill.ps he was bred in Staffordshire. 

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On 22/02/2018 at 12:21, Marvel said:

Hows your old bitch bred stud dog?

She's collie whippet greyhound 25tts would love a pup out of her to right dog she's semi retired now had a lucky escape after hitting a fencepost not so long back think the times right to line her as come 

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She is defo worth breeding been some bitch for me doing big numbers of bunny's at times and done other stuff when asked or we come across it coming to end of working life so think it's time before age gets the best of her  

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On 20/02/2018 at 03:07, scottish hare hunter said:

Dont really know how there doing there about 7/8 months old now one I know of is turning out to be some size of an animal can only hope they turn out well for there owners not spoke to the lad who’s bitch it was he covered for a few months 2 see how the rest are getting on 

Was the bitch black and white hairy thing? 

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On 12/09/2018 at 11:34, LurcherLad1998 said:

Heres my bitch Bonnie, saluki grey X wheaton grey 




Seen this bitch for sale how she any good mate i really liked the look of her 

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11 minutes ago, countrymon said:


nice dog and  dont sound a bad x , what size is it ?

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