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is there anything i can do?

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is there anything i can do to stop the pups ears from folding over all the time? she doesnt care but it drives me insane, every 5 mins if its not the left or right its both! lol

no complaints shes my first lurcher (6month) and only thing letting her down is her owner haha.

someone told me when they get a bit bigger and heavier they will lie better. but its not improved since i got her. not really an issue but it cant be nice in the howling wind without the flap over the lug hole so to speak.

i should probs just leave it and let her shake it right or if she doesnt care, she doesnt care but it annoys me ha

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I know what you mean,one of my terriers ears does the same thing,annoys the shit out of me.He's 12months now and still doing it but not as much.In the end there not show dogs and if they give 100% working and are healthy animals its a really minor thing.Being a living creature it would be hard to find anything that is perfect in every way,but still annoying.Hope you get an answer to this that works.

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