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Would You Take The Fence

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Because of the dogs i had at the time i done both sides an back of mine...proper job concrete posts and gravel boards closed board panels the lot...for peace of mind and keep everyone happy and all that...two bags of postcrete an rubble in every hole...f**k trying to smash that lot out and dragging it to my next place!!...its done its job...move on lifes too short

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Sounds like potential for future aggro! I'd just leave it. What if they take exception to it and claim it was theirs? Who's responsible for maintaining that boundary? If it's them might that not stand

Got to be more agg taking it down and transporting than it’s worth mate , I’d wipe my mouth and not get to generous next time , if your going halves with someone it’s money up front .. Will the peopl

After reading this I still can't decide which side of the fence I'm on.

Legally you can't remove the posts and as they have made a payment you could open yourself up for all sorts of problems trig even if you paid for the materials your mates agreement / contract was with you but any damage caused removing the panels etc could land you with a bill a small claims court would be your only option and providing the ruling goes in your favour is it worth the hassle and you open yourself up to a visit as they have paid a little so it may come under theft

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