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Wanting Permission And Land To Ferret On

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Myself my young son and 2 friends are looking for anywhere to go ferreting, we live in Northumberland and used to be into it 10 years ago and have since wanted to get back into it,but like many others are having the problem of permission,

Allso while out walking with my son most weekends we have noticed the massive decline in wild rabbit population in Northumberland.

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you want to get knocking on a few hundred doors and then knock some more. go by yourself and leave your few friends at home. It's hard work but get that one perm and look after it you'll soon get more. Rabbit population is in decline all over the country.

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Myself, my young son and 2 friends.

your best of looking after your own mate ( you and your son ) rabbits are thin on the ground everywhere this year .get out you and your boy get nocking and offer them something in return ( shooting pigeons with air gun in grain sheds ect etc ) turning up on a farm with a load of you isn't going

do no help getting your foot in the door so to speak.....then if they say no ....poach it

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Maybe putting a advert in garden centres and farm equipment stores for free rabbit control, might bring in one or two permissions. Plenty gardeners looking for someone to get rid of rabbits that are digging in the lawn. Try golf courses and graveyards that have rabbits in the area also, its no just farmers that have land.

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It is hard to get permission, but what I will say is persevere especially with farmers. If you can get in with one farmer they all know each other and if you can say " I do Bobs rabbits would it be ok to do yours" etc and your chances of a yes increase tenfold. I recently got a huge estate highly keepered very hard to get permission on but as a result of three positive references from other local farmers he said yes. Keep trying and slowly you build it up. Good luck.

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I know lots of farmers and keepers....some are good friends.


There isn't any of them where they would be happy if I turned up with 4 of us! Up to you pal but I'd drop that Idea straight away.

Why not start going beating on local estates, it will get your son out enjoying fieldsports, get your name known and make some useful contacts.

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I second what you are saying DIDO. Even one of my very good friends who I do vermin control for would be put out if I turned up with 3/4 other lads


In my opinion you would be better going out with just you and your son. More chance of getting your foot in the door


Atb Paddypat

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