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  1. True mate am going to have to go door knocking and see what a can find,The problem is the rabbit poppulation seems to have been decimated from this new rhvd2 virus which has smashed allot of countrys from what i have heard, god damn biowarfare lol.
  2. Any future help with ferreting give me a message,myself son and friend would be nost gratefull to get a days ferreting,as we are struggling up hear in south Northumberland as rabbit population seems to be declining.
  3. Hi myself my son and a friend are looking for some permission/land for ferreting, we have all the equipment and ferrets and vehicle, we would be gratefull to tag allong or help otheres in some ferreting this winter season coming.We are from south Northumberland and willing to travel in an 150 mile radious.
  4. Micheala robinson get yourself a shotgun and give a weekly polish and clean on your drive or front garden while staring at them,might keep them at bay haha
  5. Myself my young son and 2 friends are looking for anywhere to go ferreting, we live in Northumberland and used to be into it 10 years ago and have since wanted to get back into it,but like many others are having the problem of permission, Allso while out walking with my son most weekends we have noticed the massive decline in wild rabbit population in Northumberland.
  6. After purse nets wondering if any contacts still on this forum ?.
  7. cheers for info lads found couple spots but nothing major ,ill have to travel elsewhere Northumberland is empty
  8. hi me and my brother are looking for permission land in the northeast area to do some ferreting and shooting We are decent lads willing to give personal detail and work on land to gain trust and permission ,We have 10 years experience in ferreting and some shooting experience.We are keen to make friends with similar interests in field sports....thanks
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