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Grass Seeds

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  1. Just took one of my 2 whippet\stag lurchers in to the vets as was thin and a bit off colour despite being wormed regular and eating ok.On the way to vets started breathing strangely.Ended up coming home without her as lungs were filling with fluid and died on table getting fhem drained.Vet was 90 percent sure it was a grass seed that got into her bloodstream and ended up in the lung.She was the younger and smaller of the two sisters( 3 years) from different litters and the two were inseperable at home and hunting.A great little hunter who will be sorely missed by me, the family and her sister.R.I.P Pepper.You expect they will be with you till there old age barring accidents but sometimes strange things occur.

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Apparently through the skin.Happens a lot with working kelpes here.


How does a grass seed get into the bloodstream?



sorry about the dog, will you get another stag x again to replace her


I've still got her sister they are 3/4 whippet 1/4 stag, might try to find a half stag whippet to put over her to make them slightly sturdier,but to me the 3/4 whips are hard to beat for our terrain.

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Sorry to hear. Love watching your great videos of the dogs as they remind me of my little stag/collie. RIP Pepper.

We have an increasing problem here in North America with an invasive "foxtail grass" that's been severely damaging or killing dogs.

That's Sirblessed that does the vids but pretty sure my dogs are related to his.Its a small world over here when it comes to running dogs.

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