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Start Of Season Jacket

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I find myself not replacing sum stuff with like for like these days. The kind of things that I lusted after before I could afford it. I do still have some good gear to wear on those occasions where I

I hate smocks. You can't open them down the front for air and when taking them off they always mess my hair up, usually just after I've got it right.

Waistcoat does the job for me in milder weather.

Kaizer, I noticed yesterday on the Show us your Patts thread that you'd asked a lad what type of jacket he was wearing in a pic. I found it to be a strange question to ask but now it makes sense :-) I've had a Craghopper Aquadry for a few years now. 40 quid from TK Max. Does the job in mild weather ( which seems to be all year round now ) and hasn't fallen to bits yet.

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Some of the last few seasons a fleece is good enough nearly 'till Christmas.

IMO the one thing a terriermans coat or jacket needs in zipped pockets for his car keys, after that I aint fussy.

lightweight thin waterproof jacket as cheap as it comes as the cover wrecks them


as for the keys i never carry them with the dogs the thought of searching for them in cover or backfill chills me

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