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  1. Well said DM. Thats my point workin terriers are more of a type than a breed. If lads were more interested in working em and less about conformation, the working 'lakies' would be in safe hands!
  2. No Struck me as a decent & thorough account of fell terrier origins and history including pics of each terriermans/hunts dogs. None of which conform to a certain type. Which terriermen should not have been included?
  3. Was Plummers book 'the fell terrier' accurate?
  4. Morton genuine question : what is a lakeland? What does one look like? Was the real lakeland not a fell terrier. a type that came in all shapes and sizes Red, Black and Black and Tan rough, broken and maybe even smooth coated?
  5. Sound Eastcoast, have all the heavygear, am in need of a decent lightweight jacket thought I'd ask thanks..
  6. My other jacket's made of concrete but the pockets are starting to crack in the heat!
  7. The start of the season can be fairly mild over here can anyone recommend a short length jacket, hard wearing relatively waterproof not too heavy but not as light as a dpm? Thanks..
  8. Very Well said General..Fair Play!
  9. Not big into ratting but that is some result FD. Amazing how that amount of rats are about those sheds and besides seeing the odd one they go unnoticed...Unreal!
  10. Pedigrees are hugely important. But you need to know your line. Even though you may never have seen em you need to know the important individuals to concentrate on. We have as far back as anyone does with regards to the line we work, thanks to the kindness of the previous and present generation including Tommy himself. And like the men before us we pass them on to lads we know to be genuine. Pups are never sold but given away. Helping each other is the name of the game, for the benefit of the line and our sport. How did those who now keep pedigrees to themselves, obtain the pedigrees of their
  11. Well said p3d. Cant understand lieing. Its very simple be honest with yourself and others and you cant go wrong!
  12. I thought Cyril Breay was known to refute any idea of Bull in his line of terrier?
  13. As youngfellas we kept a few lurchers for fox and rabbit. We did course the odd hare but always with fair law and with never more than two dogs. Hares were rarely caught. Never did we slip a dog on a hare at night, having learned early on how vulnerable & stupid they are on the lamp. But we were often confronted both day and night by members of the local coursing club. Likewise landowners often confronted us again looking out for the hares on behalf of the coursing club. We didnt mind they seemed to realise we were genuine and no threat to the hares. So in my limited experience the coursin
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