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I have had them,dug them for years and up until a few year ago was diging to a very good pattxbull.I can understand where Dilly is coming from as i have also seen a lot of bull russells bred that were

if you had a good russell to start with you wouldn t need to put bull into it

Bull Russell can do the job same as any other terrier, I've seen some good bull Russell types

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And when there not working or don't get worked for a couple of weeks do they start being loud and fight anything that moves?

same as any other dog, keep it occupied and it will be just fine. Otherwise they'd be a liability out of season.
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Mate of mine bort a bull russles about ten years ago fudge was his name he was bred from two none working parents a first x.brindel in colour about ten inch' un docked with a good strong head on him.that little dog made a dig look easy he like to get up close and personal he dug some challenging spots often holding mid chube.we worked him for two seasons and he got the result every time but was sadly killed in a kennel fight offa crazey bitch he had at the time.must ad he was ready made wenwe got him and came with a six month trial!!

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There's a few lads up and down the country that are good at it .Bull added to the right line will produce the physical effects without the backward step of too hard and mute .Used to be a lad in Truro that was a master at it ,producing some very good bull russels that bred true for years .The black dogs have always had a bit about them whether some agree or not .Well known lad in Oxford produces some cracking looking workers that have been integrated into many lines .

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Once the word "Bull" is mentioned novices or folk who've never seen one assume it's hard.

Back in the day when good proper Russells were common and the Staff was doing what a Staff should do there were many crosses of both that were good reliable steady terriers.

Then again, there's still lads around today who associate the words "Patterdale" or "Black" with suicidal.

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