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Tight Places

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You got lucky. A fox in tight place, terriers loose with no collars on and no shovel to hand can often result in tears..

I'd a black bitch in the 90s that was only 10 months old she'd never seen anything. I was out walking her on land I thought I knew well, she put a fox out of a double ditch and chased it over a hill.

Lead walking on all land you mean, you only think you know places well until you have a terrier running loose one day and it disappears only for you to find its working away underground somewhere you'

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This the tyson dog the same owner of the sammy and Maggie. He was of the hard type again him been the first of this type of dog that myself and few others down this end of the country would get ta work he this man basically showed us the ropes opened his door and gave some the chance when others said we're just jumped up brats haha we showed them tyson was time came just before the sammy Maggie and the chad of that time.

Very simlar stamp to a bitch I had breeding unknown sorry the pic ain't great its the only one I have of her and was taken just before her last walk without a doubt the best terrier I owned :IMG-20130627-005381_zps0410de72.jpg


On topic we worked some right hell holes including steel yards and brick yards with the worst being the gypsum quarrys and boulder piles mostly undiggable we run curs of the lead and a couple of lurchers but the dog in the picture and a couple others were always on the leash so a mix of styles really but this was pre the badger explosion so that was one less worry .. i wouldent call it terrier work in its purest form but great fun all the same

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Heart stopping time Pabs! Thankfully you got him in time!

thanks.Yes was a old wall , tight rabbit entrances along the other side. The burrows next to it would be wider . I could hear the dog over the other side after got a mark with the locater and thankfully it did show me the right direction ,spot, when I was digging through to silence and accuracy √
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A lot of foxes get overlooked when marked into a rabbit earth because they look too tight. But let's be honest to dig them foxes out of them types of earths regularly you'd need a guinea pig sized terrier.

You just need a terrier suited to fox work,now the majority of terriers are bred better suited to a shovel,a locating collar and a quick and expedient release clause in its breeding.

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And it's produced a better overall terrier IMO. Can't beat a handy sized fox bitch, but that's where they end. They're not something to breed from or aim towards.

At one time terriers were bred to be work specific,if they were not work specific they were never bred from.Now many a terrier is useful only because of the technology it wears and the owner utilises.I prefer a terrier thats bred to work without the assistance of batteries and one that is safer because of the technology utilised to assist it and not make up for what it lacks.

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