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Coursing Bred Dogs

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Sharp as fuuck they are

wilo, tell your mate hes got the pup now ,never mind its breeding ,enjoy rearing, training ,and hunting when old enough,most dogs will do a job if reared correctly,but most of all its going to be his

Razor and sister

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Or the white dog that Fuji owned???? Isn't he in the North East now?

that white dog has died i am sure it got ran over.

Fair enough, it just came to mind as a possibility. :thumbs:
it may have sired a litter though first.
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The sires a nice dog

Yeah nice looking but isn't it bit young?

Scratch the above didn't realise boots was that old, I had it in my head he was coming up 2 lol,where's time gone.

a dont know mate is it young.
na I thought they was saplings don't know why ,lol

Just had search 4 years ? This autumn

yes that's right.
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