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  1. Yes lads I could start again from scratch but I would like to keep the line that's the reason I want to breed her, I want to improve the line.
  2. Hello boys/girls, haven't been on here for a good long while, however recently I've been toying with lining my lurcher bitch, she'll be 6 this coming summer and is a 1st x Collie/saluki over a Collie/Grew,. She is a great allrounder and one hell of a bitch but me being the critic I am have picked a few faults and preferences, I would like to try and remove/add in the next generation as I'm planning on keeping a pup back for myself. I know myself she isn't fast and her feet aren't the best, so I was leaning to a sprint bred greyhound dog to inject some pace and tighten there feet up. My main st
  3. The dogs blue anyone know how to load photos
  4. Arh he's pleased as punch and the pup is smart, the lad just wanted to know about the razor line and what he was like and any dogs where like that's all lads
  5. He a pup the dam is a saluki/bull/grey bitch and the father is like a say
  6. He owns the dam but all he mentioned was the dog he used was out of a coursing dog called razor bud
  7. Hello lads, am after a bit of info and pictures if there's any, my mates just bought a dog there and it's apparently razor lines and I was wondering if any of the lads on here could tell is about the line please, atb
  8. Interested mate but your number won't ring
  9. Hello mate could you message me your number am intrested in buying a treble
  10. you still got it mate if so can you inbox me your number as it wont let me inbox you
  11. Hello lads havent been on for a while but me and my friend have just lined his greyhound bitch with a good dog thats a first cross deerhound greyhound so should have some big chunky pups to play with next season just would like to see a few pics of all the other deerhound crosses as you never hear of them these days cheers
  12. correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't most of Brian's early stuff based on patterdale and fell Xs
  13. me friend has a whippet dog I bred, its buy a sooty bred dog out of a Barnsemore bitch I had but is sadly now no longer, this dog is quick as shit of a stick but he's black mother and brothers and sisters where brindle and blue brindle, he's worked hare and rabbits photos to show, £50 for stud fee a think
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