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  1. tamc

    Greyhound Questions

    some of the racing greyhounds ive had eat them after catching them
  2. tamc

    Greyhound Questions

    i know this is an old topic ,im running my retired bitch on the lamp,ive had her since she was 14months she then raced for 2 1/2years ,shes 54pounds,ok here goes ,shes fast ,can catch but not good on turns ,hard mouthed doesnt bother me as i feed some to the greyhounds anyway,her recal is good sometimes lol,this bitch is a pet now she lived in the house 1 year i think thats how she good recal ,as a greyhound coming straight from racing i wouldnt attempt to lamp them you would spend most of the night trying to catch them, and they would be injured to easily,as i say the bitch is a pet and im only having a bit of fun and keeping her fit and only run her on safe fields ie fenced no obstacles trees etc ,as greyhounds have tunnel vision and will run into anything when chasing.
  3. tamc

    Coursing Bred Dogs

    wilo, tell your mate hes got the pup now ,never mind its breeding ,enjoy rearing, training ,and hunting when old enough,most dogs will do a job if reared correctly,but most of all its going to be his best pal for a lot of years ,and they cant all be 3 out of 3 match dogs.
  4. i bought a 100 yds longnet and a basket for making a quickset net,it wasnt as hard as i thought ,i already had hazle sticks cut ,the first day i got it, was thinking what have i done as it cost 89 pound all in and seen 2x 50 yard quickset longnets on ebay for 160 pounds,any way persevered and im pleased with my longnet,only thing i will have to get a few more sticks,tried it out tonight good wind but a wee bit light anyway set it no bother got 2 rabbits, easy to put back in basket so well pleased with myself ,the last time i went longneting was about 25 years ago with a traditional net i got so fed up with it getting tangled i cut it for stop nets .
  5. tamc

    Formula One 28%

    i feed formula 24pc to my greyhounds ,ive used all the more expensive ones but cant fault formula 1,tenner a bag and dogs looking and running well,i add a meat and veg broth.
  6. tamc

    Formula 1?

    i,ve been feeding formula1 28pc protein to my racing greyhounds for month they all running as good as ever ,but going to try formula 1 24pcprotein as i like to give a little meat/veg stew with it, at a tenner a bag cant go wrong.
  7. what time does it start
  8. any info on racing at kilwinning heard its on sundays thanks
  9. tamc

    Dog Clippers

    I got a pair last week of amazon 4.95 ,cut the greyhounds and lurcher no problem look a good buy,.the blue handled ones, and free post,
  10. tamc

    Albino Kits Wanted

    looking for a couple of white kits ayrshire
  11. tamc

    Pain Relief For Dogs

    if its sorenes from muscle and bruises sprains etc get portamag if u can afford one i wouldnt be without one for greyhounds
  12. tamc

    dog trailer for sale

    price now 250 no offers
  13. tamc

    dog trailer

    not insulated,made by km engineering,metal roof and frame and marine ply sides,dont know how to put pics on ,