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New Pup Tor

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I went back this way because i didnt se the point in having 2 dogs bred the exact same way 2 years apart,rosie out ov razor is a machine i dont bull me dogs up but she is but as daft as it sounds i couldnt own 2 ov her shes a c**t to kennel she hates strange dogs and any dog that goes near her when she is on a kill its going to the vets ,but in the future i wouldnt think twice about putting one ov these pups over her if they make the grade ,tbh shes to good for wat i do with her but she still getts hammerd like the rest ov my hounds shes done 5 nights this week and still bouncing thats wat i love about the dog its not all bad lol

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Manage to re home my bitch Fly to a young hill keeper mate she will be kept busy with plenty to go at and the lad has got a very very decent ready made animal . The night I put her up the hill I got

Young Holly a few recent ones for you mik.

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I moved Fly as she was the only bitch in my yard and it was just causing problems with just having dogs ...she always came into season when I was away and I was going to end up with a dead dog .

Fly was brother and sister mating Tigger x ROsie ....a very good bitch

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i couldnt own 2 ov her shes a c**t to kennel she hates strange dogs and any dog that goes near her when she is on a kill its going to the vets

That rings a bell lol I've a 1/2 brother here that's the same lol

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Here's a big of Tor taken today he has stopped growing the past few weeks as he's cutting teeth ..looks like he will make 27-28 a lot lighter boned than his brother ..I will try and get a pic of him as well .


Just to show you the size as Morphie is a big animal

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His half brother is turning into a decent animal he is a joy to graft and can put a fair shift inIMG_1369.JPG

hows he bred mate nice dog him looks a strong bugger
He is out of my old Tigger who was a fair animal in his day and seems to throw decent stuff ...over a keepers mate bull x

Not my usual type of hound and didn't plan on haveing one but there was something I liked about him as a pup ...just like everything else with this blood very good natured but just have that on off switch with loads of drive ...this dog is bomb proof it's heart in your mouth stuff when you see him hit cover but just never seems to get injured he can take the knocks ...although he will be off for a few days after last nights shift .

I wouldn't keep anything else and hopefully in 20-30 years time my young lad will still be running this line

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Looks a right powerhouse him MIK if he grabs something it stays grabbed, the Tor pup is a tidy animal really like him all situations covered with them mate atb Flacko

He is freakishly strong but has a suprishingly turn of pace but not the wind of my more saluki based lurchers just a no nonsense hound that sees the job through

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