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  1. kanigra

    3/4 Saluki 1/4 Grey Bitch

    I think she's a nice looking bitch. Coat looks ok . Looks like she's moulting. Feet look a bit flat but some saluki types do have flat feet.
  2. kanigra

    Labrador Pegging Birds - How To Stop This?

    My chocolate 2yr old cocker has done the same on a pheasant shoot. She's been doing brilliant on her first season. But a very wet day recently with lots of pheasants in a thick hedge. The birds were wet so we're running not flushing and she pegged one I couldn't get in the hedge to scold her. She came out retrieving the pheasant to hand looking very pleased with herself. I ignored her took the bird off her dispatched it. Training excercises since that have been her sitting up and me throwing tennis balls all round her and telling her to leave . Then calling her away or picking them up myself. Considering she is ball mad she's done exceptionally well. Will find out tomorrow if she's better. But I'll be working on it all through this summer. Hope this helps.
  3. kanigra

    Gun Shy Spanner

    To get mine use to gunshot. I use an app which I blue tooth to my sons beats pill so you can adjust the volume if they look uncomfortable while I'm feeding them. I do this every now and again with my pup my older too aren't bothered as out on shoots all the time. But I did them when they were pups & I worked a dream with them & my pup is coming on fine. He really isn't bothered by it at all.
  4. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    Are they any good? These new lamps.
  5. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    Sold my blitz. Bloody good lamp tho. Still got my striker and lith battery
  6. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    what are these plr 500's then???
  7. kanigra

    Saluki Bull Grey

    Any decent saluki grey X bull greys pups about or due?
  8. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    He's a unit that chocolate dog. Make a good stud dog.
  9. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    Any update on the pups Logan & Mik?
  10. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    How come you moved fly on mik? Which bitch was she?
  11. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    Nice pups. Who else has got one?
  12. kanigra

    New Pup Tor

    Nice pups. Who else has got one?
  13. kanigra

    Dropping Short

    Any advice guys? My ess bitch pup sometimes does this. Wanna eradicate it now before it becomes a habit. None of my others have ever had this fault. Any tips would be great. Thanks
  14. kanigra


    Looking good mate
  15. Thanks guys I'll give it a go & let you no how I get on.