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Big Bruce

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​he making a nice strong dog just like his brothers we have mate, looking forward to next season , both big strong dogs and very keen but still a bit young in head mate

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Mr rabbit that bitch your brother bread is a very good bitch of the greyhound lacks speed I'd say for daytime hares but mustard to which quarry the lad hunts its brother I believe is the same Bruce looking good Davy Long live the beddys Only ever seen 1 that could stop daytime hares regular ABBEY😎

thanks for tbe comments every one another we up and coming beddy cross only 22tts but has a great burst of speed breed out of Mr rabbits paddy post-71205-0-77119900-1461785112_thumb.jpg
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Both young dogs looking good Davie


Yeah edrd seen bitch brother breed at Kirkcaldy show last year..u can tell the lad that has bitch is well chuffed with her


Forget the beddies racey wheatens with pink shoes and combat jacket is the new fashion now ..lol



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