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Lamping Problem

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Hi guys, I've got a tikka t3 lite in stainless with a Nikon monarch 8-32x50. The problem I've got is when putting a lamp on top or on the side infact anywhere near the scope I see nothing but the light, I've tried white, red, and green all the same! Anyone ever had this?

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Sorted! Moved it right back as close to me as possible, and raised it slightly. Still reflects off the mod abit but much better. I'll get something different to cover the mod see if that helps. Cheers for the help guys 👍🏻

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There few ways to stop the glare


1. If it is possible move ur lamp to the side of the gun


2. Depending on what lamp u have u can fit a sunshade style cover over ur lamp if it's a large halogen lamp a flower pot with the end cut off will do the job if its a smaller led lamp a piece of plastic piping with do the job.


I personally don't like the 2 methods I mentioned above


3. what I prefer to do cover the top of the scope lense with a bit of tape you will want to cover about 1/3 of the top of the lense to stop glare I keep a roll of insulating tape in my rifle bag for this reason

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Basically as already said, but the best ways are to keep the lamp as far back as possible and/or fit as many sunshades as possible on the scope, short barrels and thin moderators also help. Matt Black rather than silver or shiny mods help to!


I have heard of people masking off the bottom of the lamp, and literally putting long socks over the mod/barrel and taking them back as far as the scope, I know someone who used an old bike inner tube in the same way as the sock, that worked ok(ish) to!



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Bit late as I think this question is basically answered but thought I'd drop it in anyway, could a torch be mounted under the moderator so as to not cause glare at all?


My first try would be cover the rifle in scrim or tape though

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As already said, mount the torch as far back on the scope as possible, if you have a sunshade fit it to the scope and also get some black insulation tape and cover the bottom portion of the scopes front objective to stop light bouncing in off the barrel and mod, makes a massive difference.

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Personally I don't like to fit a lamp onto a rifle as it makes it heavier and out of balance.

I find lamping using this method fatuges my arm muscles making me shakey when a shots on.

Also I like to look at things with the lamp I do not wish to point a rifle at.

I am R. handed so I hold lamp in L.hand and shoot with foreend across left forearm American Frontier style.

This leaves my left wrist flexable to get the light and crosshair alligned.

It may take a little practice to get your hand eye muscle cordination programmed, but it can be very steady as you eliminate the use of left wrist on foreend eliminating one set of muscles and delaying fatiuge and the shakes setting in a little longer.

The rifle is also better balanced without the light attached and the forearm method soon becomes natural.

Have a look on Youtube under fox shooting as there is a demo done by a English guy using this method.

Also because the lamp is offset from the scope, mod etc. you wont get light bounce back into the scope.

My favourite lamp has a fair bit of flare though so I black taped the barrel of my stainless Ruger.

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