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Children With Lurchers

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He really does live and breathe it .....he just loves the whole way of life and is a wee character ....you just have to teach them what is wrong and right.... respect and manners and keep only good

This little fella lives and breathes our way of life but I fear the game will be f****d by the time he is old enough to own and work a dog ...lets hope not

She loves walking her and fair play for a young dog she is very good with her

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some brill pics with kids+dogs, :yes: and the kids look good with them, they deff been schooled well from there mom+dad's :thumbs::yes: . my son 28 now, been brought up with all my lurchers , he loves Bryn +Buck , he loves giving big hugs to Buck and lol. I would say out of all types of dogs lurchers are the best around all type xs, but I never forget what they do in the field when out hunting they all know how to use there teeth big and small lurchers. I always keep a eye on things and make sure they (dogs) can have there own space, all dogs need that more so like that big fecker of mine .lol

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My 7 year old with my dogs pup on left old man on right . Pup will do everything for kids retrive to hand . But when I try he won't entertain it lol


My pup picks things up around the house and gives it to my nephew but he will not retrieve or bring me anything, kids just have a way with dogs

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Warms your heart to see the next generation of dog men and women getting involved early, much better than being sat in on their xbox and iphones :yes:


Top pics everyone thanks for sharing :thumbs:

👍 couldn't agree more my little one is only 9 months and already hates being stuck in the house

You must be doing something right then :thumbs:


So good to see so many parents on here taking an active interest in their kids not just sitting them in front of some glowing screen for an easy quiet life

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Great pictures lads... and great to see the wee ones out and at it before they can tie there laces...the way it should be! LOL but this pics the winner for me, a super hero power ranger ready for action.... bet this boy has some stories to tell on the playground...haha.

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This little fella lives and breathes our way of life but I fear the game will be f****d by the time he is old enough to own and work a dog ...lets hope not

lol....only seeing these pics now...... now heres the young men of the future..... :thumbs: .... you can just tell this young man has working dogs running through his veins.....look at the stance and all on him holding the big dogs...eyes like a hawk waiting for a slip.....bet he talks about dogs like hes 65 haha.... his wee john deere overalls are belters too! great pics MIK

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