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Lets See Them Whippets, Coarsing, Racing, Working

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Il start.. 2 year old. Bred from worker to worker, mostly ferreting, lamping mooching dogs, 21" pics have been put up before.

My whippets. Dam and son                  

Hopefully these few old pictures and some of recollections from my early teens (the late 1950’s and early 1960’s) may be of some interest. They’re all old style “rag whippets” and pre date the require

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13 hours ago, billhardy said:

What size bitch he throw from a pure whippet,atb bill

Don't know about others from same litter, but my lads bitch is 21". 

He put a pic up of her on here a few weeks back, brindle bitch. 

I'll have a look for the thread now ?

Pages 66/ 67 on this thread.  Not his shoes though lol ?

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12 hours ago, billhardy said:

How's he bred eager atb bill

Nothing special, full whippet, dam was a failed racer but is handy lamping and sire is a mates ferreting dog. My view on her is ?‍♂️ as she is my first full whippet so fingers crossed and taking it steady

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3 hours ago, green lurchers said:

Pups look healthy Trev , Poppy’s a tough little bitch  she’s been a great dog for you over the years good luck with the litter ?

She as mate pups are all strong and healthy, on the tit ever time I look at them cheers ?

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