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Calibrating Mk1 Ferret Finder

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We can repair and service the old Debden MK1 type receiver boxes the average repair price is £20 plus postage.   Jim Chick , Falcon Telemetrics Tel 01980 610594

There is company selling brand new collars that are manfactured by themselves and also repairing the old grey Deben boxes at competitive prices, its David Arthurs a Rotherham based company you can rin

I would recommend Jim chick to anyone that as the old mk1 as he serviced mine and returned it within a few days all for £25 and a genuine nice man to speak to

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1 hour ago, big napper said:

Anyone have a number to get locaters fixed, not jim chick or david aurthers please as iv tryd those numbers, thanks for any replys

This is off the PigionWatch forum. I don't know if he on here.

 Mick Dadd 01142 851372 

Cheers Arry

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On 17/11/2018 at 15:05, big napper said:

Jist phoned him arry, he cant get the parts as the bloke he got them from has died, he is trying to get another supplier so il ring him back in a month or so unless someone knows someone else that does them

Sorry mate only just seen this reply. 9 times out of 10 the boxes fail due to the on/off switch depth finder, these can bought of eBay.


If you can solder or know anybody that can solder.

Take battery off, take the screw out from centre of the depth wheel then remove the circuit board out of the box. Desolder speaker, now the dog can see the rabbit so to speak. The depth/ on/off switch has five pins. Will help if you have solder wick,  


Place solder wick next to one of the pins on the opposite side to the switch, put the hot soldering iron on top and it will sort of suck the solder out of the hole repeat to the other 4 holes. then wiggle the old switch off the board, may need to repeat the wicking if it will not come out. Push the new switch in making sure its all the way in, this is important as the wheel will not line up with the slot in the box else. Run solder in each hole, re-solder the speaker back on. Hope this may help.

Cheers Arry

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