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  1. the nylon see through ones shine in the sun and you can see everything going on from the outside looking in.the ones with leaf cover on best ones
  2. any chance of putting the details on here or do they wish to remain quiet would be good to have someone else to go to after the sad news about jim.
  3. try new batterys first might not be box could be collar see if you can try boxes on someone elses collar that you know are ok seems odd both boxes have gone same time.new collars on e bay £38 plenty reviews saying they are good collars their are lads on here who recalibrate boxes sure someone will put you in touch with them.
  4. anyone know how much it is to have mk1 locator to be re calibrated and serviced just wanting to know wether its worthwhile or just buy new mk3.cheers
  5. already looked nick they supply the gauge but not the screw.
  6. hi all,does anyone know where I can get a screw for my Deben mark1 ferret locator depth gauge wheel tried Deben but they say they don't stock parts any more for these.thanks
  7. out yesterday ditto 5 bunnies from getting 32 on first outing on this particular farm this season needless to say a very happy farmer.
  8. would not go without one try doing last set of the day and getting lay up darkness sets in bummer.wouldnt get one off e-bay had poor experience off there, try pippa hes selling them on here at the moment £95 with new collar posted bargain in my opinion years of use no lost ferts and resale second to none.
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